'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 2 Spoilers From Tina Fey & The Cast Tease Relationship Drama

It has been a long year for fans who are looking forward to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2, but the wait is almost over. On April 15, the new season hits Netflix for your marathoning pleasure. But, if that's still too far away, I have a solution: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 spoilers straight from the cast themselves. At the New York City premiere for the second season, co-creator Tina Fey and stars Tituss Burgess and Ellie Kemper hint to Bustle what Season 2 would be about — in emoji form. So, now, it's up to dedicated Kimmy fans like myself to decode what exactly the pictures mean for the outcome of the series.

Also, Fey had a brilliant idea on the red carpet and noted it to her purse, pretending it was a tape-recorder. (In an ideal world, someone would always be recording her genius thoughts.) "First of all, we should have Kimmy Schmidt emojis," Fey tells Bustle. "Purse, make Kimmy Schmidt emojis."

I second that thought, for sure. Imagine how much of a happier place the world would be if you could channel Kimmy's enthusiasm into an emoji to send your pals? But, since that idea has yet to come to fruition (here's hoping Fey sees this article and is reminded of her brilliance), we'll have to settle for guessing what's in store for Season 2 thanks to the emoji spoilers from the cast.

Tina Fey's Emojis

I'm not sure quite what the grapes could symbolize, other than the cheery nature and general color scheme of the show. According to this we're in for another sweet, bright season, which I'm all for. The heart, though, lends itself to a bit more speculation. Fey's color choice was intentional as she made sure to specify, "A yellow heart, not a red heart — a friendship heart."

While the first season of the show featured prominent love storylines for Kimmy — first with Buckley's tutor, then with rich Logan, and then with fellow-GED student Dong — perhaps Season 2 will be more about Kimmy building even stronger bonds with Titus, Lillian, Jacqueline, and co. And, honestly, it would be pretty refreshing to see a show focus more on friendship soul mates rather than romantic ones. Not every woman on TV needs a boyfriend, after all.

Tituss Burgess' Emojis

Well, Kimmy may not have a love journey in store, but it looks like Titus does! I'd like to mention that Burgess didn't specify where the "cracked heart" emoji should go, so I chose to put it in the middle, in hopes that his romantic interests end on a positive note, even if they have a little drama in the middle. I think my guess is a safe one, because Burgess made sure to say that "most of [the hearts] are red and glowing." So, I think things will be looking up for him love-wise in Season 2.

Ellie Kemper's Emojis

It's worth noting, BTW, that Kemper wasn't sure how to describe the emojis so she made the actual faces with her own face. She also kind of left the last one up to my interpretation, saying it should be "the one that's sad, but happy," which I took to mean this crying with joy face. So, what does her group in general mean? Well, I would say that the season likely starts off with some love. And, while it's possible that maybe Dong comes back for Kimmy, I'm guessing the heart-eyes emoji more likely refers to Titus finding someone special, considering his own emoji choices. But, the press release for Season 2 teased that Lillian finds "a surprising new romance," so perhaps that's what Kemper was referring to.

Regardless, it seems we can also expect some shocking moments. (Fingers crossed Kemper was alluding to another shocking Jon Hamm appearance.) And, as for the emoji at the end? I think she meant the season will end with some mixed emotions. There will be some happy resolution, but maybe also some sadness. Despite the happy vibe to the show, it's likely not going to be wrapped up with a pretty bow in the finale. But, that's a good thing, since it leaves room for a dynamic, engaging Season 3.

Images: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix; Martha Sorren/Bustle (3)