15 Unconventional Mother's Day Cards

Becoming a mom doesn't mean you lose your sick, twisted sense of humor, it just means your offspring will have the same comedic weaknesses as you. For the maternal figure in your life who always enjoys an off-color joke, consider some of these unconventional Mother's Day cards when it comes time to pick out a note that tells Mom just what you think of her. Yes, whether you like to admit it or not, you and your mom are probably pretty similar, and even if you aren't, chances are, you know the type of comedy that really makes her chuckle. How many times can you give her the same few lines to convey your adoration of her? Your mom has given you everything she has got, and that deserves a little extra effort when it comes time to pick out her card.

Instead of risking tears with a sappy note, give Mom a good laugh this May 8. She will appreciate the sentiment, and giving someone a card that was picked specifically for their brand of giggles is a gift in itself. These might not be your typical greeting card fare, but your mom isn't exactly the typical mother, is she?

1. Happy Mama's Day from The Bad Seed

If she's into creepy 1950s films or has any reason to believe you were out to destroy her before your eighth birthday, this is a solid frontrunner for her favorite Mother's Day card ever.

Card, $4.25,

2. For the 'Arrested Development' fan

Lucille Bluth is arguably one of the best/worst on-screen moms ever to sip a martini before 9 a.m. This is your pick if you want to underwhelm her with your enthusiasm for the holiday.

Card, $4.25,

3. My therapist thinks this is a good idea

Remind her why you still don't have your student loans paid off — your therapist costs more than a car payment!

Card, $4.25,

4. Puggin' love

Send a little puppy love her way. Not only is this card perfect for a dog lover, it's just right for the mother who curses like a sailor.

Card, $4.38,

5. Is she famous for her colorful euphemisms?

You've probably heard her refer to her female parts by some memorable verbal workarounds over the years. Here's your chance to add a new one to her repertoire.

Card, $5.11,

6. Hitchcock-inspired love

Hey, Mom, aren't you glad you didn't raise a psycho?

Card, $4.25,

7. Because she loves dry humor

If she leans toward acerbic, this card is a surefire way to make her realize the apple never falls far from the tree... but that you really do think she's the best.

Card, $3.94,

8. You were right

Oh, let's just say this one could be used over and over... and over and over. Mom, you were right about everything, and you probably always will be.

Card, $4.01,

9. When she needs a little help with the electronics

Is she notoriously bad at differentiating between the cable box and the modem? You've got the only card you need right here.

Card, $4.50,

10. Not because I want to, but because I have to

Resistance is futile. Buy the card, show the love. For the mother who's short with words and gets to the point fast.

Card, $2.92,

11. Sincerity + enthusiasm

No need to dance around it or tell her in flowery, poetic language. Your mom is simply the best, and you are not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.

Card, $4.50,

12. From your little headache

Bless the moms who raised terribly disobedient offspring. Were you one of them? Show your appreciation for all the years you were the cause of her expensive shiraz habit.

Card, $4.30,

13. Love, your Millennial child

The boomerang generation has a lot to be thankful for, and that includes moms who happily invite them back home after a breakup, the loss of a job, or just a bad day.

Card, $4.01,

14. At least I didn't mess up too badly?

There is a lot to be thankful for when you're worried about how your children will turn out. This year, remind Mom that you resisted the strong urge to hold up the nearest bank solely because she mothered you so well.

Card, $3.75,

15. Takes one to know one

This one is either going over really well, or you're going to have to laugh it off. Seriously, if Mom's always up for a good ribbing, she'll enjoy the tease. Be ready when she tells you in a few years you'll be just as nuts, though.

Card, $5.00,

You know your mom, and if you think she's up for a refreshing dose of black humor, then try one of these out. Hey, you can always swoop in with a backup card if the unconventional route doesn't work. And flowers. Get flowers.

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