Chrissy Teigen's Post-Baby Tweets Are So, So Funny

Many fans rejoiced when it was announced that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, one of the cutest celebrity couples on the planet, had become new parents to Luna Simone Stephens on Thurs, Apr. 14. And it's clear the newborn's parents are even more thrilled, as on Apr. 17, the model/social media maven and singer adorably announced that could not be happier with their new little bundle. But of course, even for celebs, the birth of a new baby comes with the usual nosy inquiries, so shortly after announcing her daughter's birth, Teigen responded to all of those post-baby questions with a perfect tweet —no surprise, of course, considering that the model is already the best social media user out there.

"To everyone asking, John is healing perfectly," Teigen tweeted on Sunday, letting the world know she's not just a regular mom, but a cool, sassy mom with a must-read Twitter. In another post, the new parent thanked her fans, and wondered if being a mom would affect her use of Twitter. "I dunno what to tweet now," Teigen wrote. "Does my Twitter change? This is so awkward."

I'm not sure why she's self-conscious — Teigen is already killing it with her new mom social media game, and it'll only get better with some baby photos (soon, please!). Her tweet responding to all of those typical nosy questions new parents, especially moms, get bombarded with after having children is especially on point.

So if you're also a parent who's been bombarded with these typical post-baby questions: Did you have the baby naturally or Ceasarean? Are you breastfeeding? Are you getting sleep? Are you doing all right? use Teigen's response as your go-to answer. She and Legend seem to be doing wonderfully after bringing a brand new human into this world, and there's no reason to question their parenting choices. The supermodel and the Oscar-winning musician are gonna raise their kid however they want, and it's not on us to question their choices.