Gizelle Claims Katie Peed On A Couch, Threatens To Reveal More Off-Camera Secrets During The 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Reunion

I have to say, even though it seemed like there was no need for additional episodes of The Real Housewives of Potomac, after the things Gizelle had to say during the Reunion Part Two, I'm wondering if we need a RHOP "Secrets Revealed" special. Because if any of those secrets are even half as juicy as the claim that Katie peed on a couch during a photoshoot, then I don't know why they ended up on the cutting room floor in the first place. The peeing discussion got kicked off when Katie brought up an anecdote Gizelle shared about a time when she went to a hotel dressed in lingerie for a hookup that nearly got derailed by laxatives. And the unedited version of that story did not come across nearly as ridiculous (in a Paul-Feig-Melissa-McCarthy movie kind of way) as it sounded during the reunion.

And aside from the different moments where Gizelle half-threateningly said she wanted to reveal something that didn't make it onto my TV this season, there were a few other drive by shockers. While she didn't say that she was bisexual the way Katie identifies, Ashely says she had a girlfriend "for a while" when she was eighteen — which might explain why she has such an open and accepting attitude about Katie's news. Gizelle, on the other hand, may not have commented on Ashley's news, but certainly reserved some judgement for Katie.

Another quick, surprising moment: when the "husbands" appeared at the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, there were only two — Karen's husband, Raymond Huger, and, with his reputation preceding him, Michael, Ashley's husband. Michael attempts to teach Karen a thing or two about his version of etiquette, but aside from Ashely, Robyn, and Charrisse, the other ladies were not buying it. Everyone could agree that Michael and Ashley are a fun couple, but they don't really seem to be suited for the butt-grabbing, late night-partying fun of life in Australia — at least how Michael describes it.

After a debut season that descended into a lot of disagreements, it sounds like the Real Housewives of Potomac actually wound up leaving a lot of fun moments on the cutting room floor, from Katie possibly peeing on a couch, to the uncut version of Gizelle's hotel room hookup, to whatever other mishaps may have occurred. Let's hope the recently announced RHOP Season 2 has way more hilarity, way less etiquette.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo