Hannah Gets Her Groove Back On 'Girls'

by Nicole Pomarico

One of the greatest injustices of our time is the fact that Girls seasons are half the length of what most TV shows get, and that, unfortunately, means that our time with Hannah Horvath and her friends has already come to an end — for now, anyway. Between dealing with Adam and Jessa's relationship, her breakup with Fran, and trying to write again, our girl has been dealing with a lot... but so has everyone else. If you were hoping for a dramatic conclusion to Season 5, you're in luck, because it definitely delivered. On the Girls season finale, Adam and Jessa realized that Hannah is still a part of their relationship, and all hell breaks loose.

OK, so I've always been against them as a couple because of Hannah — I just don't feel like it's fair to her for her best friend to be dating the great love of her life (so far). But beyond that, it's kind of hard to ignore that both of them are pretty volatile people, and their tempers finally came to a head in this week's episode, proving that they might be wrong for each other for a completely different reason. Adam gets annoyed when Jessa's talking about Hannah too much, and Jessa lays it out there for him: There's no such thing as "no Hannah" in their lives. In fact, she says, they could "die in the same bed," and she still wouldn't forgive him for making her betray Hannah like she did.

That's when it pops off, leading to a completely crazy fight — like, punching through walls, pushing over bookshelves kind of crazy. And ironically enough, at the same time, Hannah's at an open mic, telling a captivated audience about her journey through jealousy since discovering their relationship. She explains that she left a gift basket of fruit at Adam's door that night to tell him she wishes them luck, and overheard their argument. At the same time Adam and Jessa seem to be realizing Hannah's basically a third person in their relationship, Hannah is realizing that she's finally free of it.

It doesn't seem like this fight led to a breakup or anything, though — at least, not by the scene that shows Jessa and Adam post-coitus among their now broken belongings, anyway. But I have a feeling their relationship is about to get a lot more complicated last season, and finally Hannah is showing some growth. She's got a serious knack for storytelling, and Adam and Jessa's relationship could actually have been exactly what she needed to get the spark back in her writing. Maybe it was even the best thing that could have happened to her? I can't wait for Season 6 to fill us in.

Image: Paul Schiraldi/HBO