Scar From 'The Lion King' Isn't Actually So Bad For A Murderous Villain

Imagine, if you will, a story about a second brother who is straight up banished from his home and made to live in a literal graveyard, just because he's the second. Meanwhile, he always gets stuck with babysitting duty for the son of the brother who banished him, because he has to do whatever his brother wants. Maybe this second brother also happens to be witty and quirky with a ragtag team of weirdos behind him. Wouldn't you root for that guy? I know I would. If you haven't figured it out yet, this guy is Scar from The Lion King and this is me convincing you that he really wasn't so bad (despite all of my loving feels towards the OG Lion King, Mufasa)

What I'm trying to point out here is that, if the story were just slightly different — we'd all be rooting for Scar, Mufasa would be the bad guy, and Simba would be coming back from years of hiding to intern under his favorite uncle, the king of Pride Rock. Sure, we know Scar is evil, but the lion has some good characteristics that I would like to point out.

1. He's An Underdog


And who doesn't love a scrappy underdog — or underlion in this case?

2. He Probably Could Have Been A Better Ruler Than Mufasa


I mean, sure things didn't go so hot when he was doing the king thing, but can he really be blamed for one of Africa's dry seasons? That was't his fault. It didn't help that he let the hyenas have all the food, but what politician have you ever heard of that doesn't help those who assisted them into get into power? Scar's a smart dude, and he could make the real decisions. Mufasa was too idealistic.

3. He's Pretty Funny


Scar's snarky sense of humor carries this movie to new heights. I'm not saying he's always being very nice, but that doesn't mean I don't always appreciate it.

4. He Took In The Hyenas


Mufasa and his crew were like "ewww hyenas are ugly, and their laughs are annoying," so they ignored them. But Scar took the lives of those cackling dogs and kept them safe. That was pretty nice of him, right?

5. He's Got A Great Voice

Chris Parente on YouTube

Try to pretend you don't want Jeremy Irons to read you a bedtime story. Just try.

6. "Be Prepared" Is An Amazing Song


Dare I say it's one of the best Disney villain songs? Sure, it's a little scary, what with the literal fire and brimstone, but isn't that the point?

7. He's So Literary


Look at him, talking to a skull all Hamlet-style. It's like he is the only one in the movie who knows he's taking part in a story partially based on Hamlet. Poor Yorick, indeed!

8. He Is, After All, Just A Big Kitty


Nice kitty, good kitty. Kitty wanna mousie? Kitty wanna mousie?

9. He's Got Great Hair


And I bet all the other lions made fun of him when he was growing up, "Eww look at Scar's weird greasy black hair! Why doesn't Scar have a beautiful red mane like Mufasa?" Well, who's laughing now guys? Sleek black hair like that is not easy to come by.

10. He's Got The Best Line In The Entire Movie


And it 'twould be gracing t-shirts and hanging posters for years to come. Because, honestly, who hasn't felt like that? Scar, I see you.

11. He Picked Kovu To Be His Heir In The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride


And Kovu was pretty great. This proves that Scar has excellent taste in rulers and leadership. It's almost as if he was really trying to unite the two prides before it was even an option. Pride Rock needed a leader with some foresight. Enter Scar.

OK, so yes, it is true that Scar made some pretty poor decisions. But, as far as Disney villains go, he's hands down the best. Scar's got the jams, the smarts, the hair, the witty dialogue — in other words he's got it all. All his good qualities are almost enough to make me forgive him for the brutal murder of Mufasa. Almost.

Images: Walt Disney Motion Pictures; Giphy (10); ChrisParente/YouTube