11 Ariana Grande "Let Me Love You" Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Moving On From Your Ex

Getting over a breakup is not easy. However, moving on after your ex could easily be the best (and worst) feeling in the world. If you're not sure whether or not you're really over that person, moving on with someone else can really help you clarify and get your feelings in check. Meanwhile, if it's really been a while since you've put yourself out there, moving on from your ex can also be terrifying and full of emotion. But I don't need to tell that to Arianators. With Ariana Grande's latest single "Let Me Love You," featuring rapper Lil' Wayne, there's finally a way of describing all of those crazy feelings. "Let Me Love You" is easily the song you can blast on your way to moving on from your ex.

And nobody knows what moving on from an ex feels like at the moment more than the pop star herself. Following her split from ex-boyfriend Big Sean just last year, Grande's been working hard to not only focus on herself, but to also somehow find her way back into the dating game. And now, with alleged new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, Grande is letting herself fall in love all over again almost exactly one year since her and Big Sean split. So, is there some real life experience truth behind the lyrics of this new single? I'm sure thinking so.

But even if there isn't, when you break down the lyrics themselves, it certainly seems like this song is the perfect anthem for an "on to the next one" kind of situation.

1. "I Just Broke Up With My Ex. Now I’m Out Here Single, I Don’t Really Know What’s Next"

The first step to moving on from your ex is realizing you're single and embracing it all on your own. But, yes, it can be terrifying to not know what's next. Grande totally gets that right from the very beginning of the song.

2. "But I Ain’t Even Trippin', I'm Not Jealous, Lay Back"

However, the moment you stop checking up on your ex's life, that's when you know you're ready to move on. Whatever your ex does with his life is no longer your concern.

3. "And I Know They Will Be Coming From The Right And The Left"

Immediately following letting go, that's when you may suddenly realize how much attention you've been getting otherwise. The more confidence you exude in yourself, the more guys will suddenly want to get on your radar.

4. "You're The One I’m Feeling As I'm Laying On Your Chest"

And when you finally meet that guy that can make you happy and totally take your mind off of your ex... Well, that's moving on bliss.

5. "Good Conversation Got Me Holding My Breath"

Like any start of a fling, it's all new and exciting, and may even take your breath away.

6. "And If It Feels Right, Promise I Don't Mind. And If It Feels Right, Promise I'll Stay Here All Night"

Just like that you're thrust back into a new romance, waiting to see where it will take you.

7. "Just Let Me Lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-Love You"

And hoping to see if this will really be your next relationship.

8. "Some Of Them Keep Telling Me I'm Better Than The Rest"

Because, at some point, attention and talk alone is cheap.

9. "And I Ain't Tryna Rush You, But Godd*mn I'm A Mess"

And while it's still all new, you just want to make things official right way.

10. "She Just Looking For Love. She Says She Single And I'm Her Feature"

Once he realizes that, hopefully the new guy in your life is ready to be put front and center.

11. "Boy, I'm Looking For Love. I'mma Give Her That Love"

And ta-da! You officially move on to the next one.

Yep, Ariana Grande and Lil' Wayne know exactly what they're talking in about in this department of love. Excuse me while I blast this song on repeat.

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