Ariana Grande "Let Me Love You" Lyrics Are Super Empowering In The Best Way — LISTEN

Oh, glorious day Another brand spanking new Ariana Grande song has been released from her killer album Dangerous Woman, and this time it is an anthem that just about everyone can get behind. Especially because “Let Me Love You” is not only a sexy compilations with Lil’ Wayne, but because the "Let Me Love You" lyrics are seriously empowering. Don’t be fooled by the song’s slightly racy side. Underneath all the sex and suggestion, there are some really powerful moments that showcase just how empowering Ariana Grande’s new album is going to be.

“Let Me Love You” is from the soon-to-be-released album from the pop singer. And, although Dangerous Woman isn’t due to be released for another month, that doesn’t mean we can’t all rock out to the songs that Grande has released so far, including “Let Me Love You,” a song that is all about moving on after a break up. And, OK, fine. the pop star's version of moving on isn’t exactly the same as mine. She’s not singing about throwing back a pint of ice cream and staying in your sweatpants all day. Far from it. But that’s exactly what I love about these lyrics, because, instead of wallowing in her misery, Grande’s new song is all about about embracing her awesomeness and moving on.

In the first verse, Grande sings about just how little she's hung up over the guy who just dumped her:

I just broke up with my exNow I’m out here single, I don’t really know what’s nextBut I ain’t even trippin', I'mma chill and lay backAnd I know they will be coming from the right and the left, left, leftI just broke up with my exYou're the one I’m feeling as I'm laying on your chestGood conversation got me holding my breathAnd I don’t normally say this but godd*mn, you're the best, best, best.

And you know what they say about the best way to get over someone… Instead of couch surfing on a Saturday night and feeling sorry for yourself, she sings about all the men who are going to be “coming from the right and the left.” Clearly, Grande is urging listeners to not worry about finding love again after a breakup, because, as this song seems to be saying, there are plenty of fish in the sea. In the second verse, Grande nails that point, singing:

As I'm laying on your chestI'll be out here thinkin' 'bout it, boy, it's just a guessBut something keeps telling me I'm better than the restAnd I ain't tryna rush you, but goddamn, I'm a mess, mess, mess

The other thing this song is all about is empowering the listener to feel good about him or herself after a break up. After all, she sings, “something keeps telling me I’m better than the rest.” Um, yeah, you are, Grande. And so are we.

Of course than Lil' Wayne comes in and knocks it out of the park:

I say, "Girl, you need a hot boy"She say, "you need to stop f*ckin' with them thots, boy"I say you need a real n*gga she said yes LordAnd what you need your ex for? I'm triple X, LordOkay, Ariana my lil mama, goodbye to the good girlMy ex tripping, it's no Biggie, I 2Pac shook herI'm laid up with my new thingShe lay her head on my new chainThen the mood changeMy name change from Lil Wayne to Oooh WayneOh Lord, she grinding on this GrandeOh Lord, I'm drowning, I'm gonna need that coast guardAnd when it comes to that n*gga, I give her amnesiaShe just looking for loveShe says she single and I'm her feature, oh my God

But the compilation doesn't end there. Grande and Lil' Wayne send listeners off with a killer duet that would make any brokenhearted listener feel better:

I'mma give her that loveHe gon' gimme that loveShe's just looking for loveBoy, I'm looking for love, babyI'mma give her that loveI'mma give her that...I'mma give her that...

So, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation as this song — dumped, sad, and alone — put this song on repeat, turn the volume up, and remind yourself that you are better than the rest.