Will 'Bride & Prejudice' Return For Season 2? Catch Up On These Unconventional Love Stories While You Wait

FYI's Bride & Prejudice has shown that to some couples, marriage is about a lot more than just whether or not you can get away with a destination wedding in Aruba. Will there be Bride & Prejudice Season 2 to look forward to? FYI hasn't made an announcement about the continuation of the series yet, but since Season 1 premiered in March of 2016, I'm assuming that if the show does return, it won't be until early 2017. Because amid historic Supreme Court rulings and less pressure for people to get married young, there are still some major impediments to unconventional love stories. The couples profiled on Bride & Prejudice face discrimination from their family, from their neighbors, and, in some cases, from the opinions of strangers and lawmakers.

Bride & Prejudice has demonstrated that there should be no shortage of future problems for this cast — and no shortage of other people who are going through very similar struggles, if they decide to recast with a whole new group for Season 2. Many of the troubles faced by the Season 1 couples boil down to people who are stuck in their ways refusing to broaden their idea of marriage, love, and partnership. As time passes, I think all three couples can convince their families to come around. But during the wait between Bride & Prejudice seasons, check out these other reality TV series that cover the struggles of new love.

Newlyweds: The First Year

Bravo's series may be a little more lighthearted, but a lot of the same issues apply. There are multiple marriages that are cross-racial, cross-cultural, cross-religions — and those mixes often lead to conflicts and alienation.

Married At First Sight & Married At First Sight: The First Year

I don't want to make light of the issues that the couples on Bride & Prejudice face, but... is there any bigger taboo than marrying a complete stranger that you just met on reality television?

90 Day Fiance

This show rips at your heartstrings. With a visa of only a month and a half to decide whether they should get married or split up, these couples have to choose between marrying or losing their chance at being together forever. With unions that range from real-deal starcrossed lovers to woefully, tragically, mismatched pairs, these couples cross every boundary (and usually thousands of miles) to look for love.

Dating Naked

And on a lighter note, Dating Naked! Honestly, I can't imagine any potentially romantic scenario that can't be ruined by unexpected nudity. The contestants on Dating Naked don't quite agree. By crossing this taboo, they open themselves up to an unexpected love connection.

Marriage Boot Camp

WE tv on YouTube

And what happens after you get married but your union needs a kickstart? Head to Marriage Boot Camp. The show may be about celebrities, but even though their problems include things like tabloid journalism and plastic surgery addiction, these couples still have to fight for their marriage if they want it to survive.

Sister Wives

This show follows the Brown family as they attempt to hold their family together despite their polygamous relationship. Kody Brown holds relationships with multiple women at once, but in a nation that prefers — and, when it comes to marriage, legally enforces — monogamy, they have to be extremely careful when it comes to living the life that makes them happy.

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