Photos Of Kourtney Kardashian As A Kid Prove She & Daughter Penelope Are Two Of A Kind

Who doesn't love a good throwback photo? Isn't that why #TBT and #FBF were invented on social media? There is just something about seeing a celebrity back in the day when they were a child, completely innocent, having fun, and not trying to escape rumors and mobs of paparazzi. The same can be said for throwback photos of Kourtney Kardashian, which the star and her family love to share on Instagram. Seeing as Kourtney turned 37 on Monday, April 18, what better way to celebrate her birthday than by showcasing some old school photos of herself?

As amazing as that sounds, let's kick it up a notch by comparing pics of Kourtney as a kid to those of her daughter Penelope Disick. Spoiler: At Penelope's age, Kourtney was pretty much the same person as her daughter. I guess that's why they say, "Like mother, like daughter," huh?

When it comes to donning the best costume for Halloween, partaking in some really cool activities, or going on vacation, Kourtney and Penelope have lived the same life. You could say that is expected, especially since Kourtney probably wants her daughter (and sons, Mason and Reign Disick) to have similar childhood experiences as she did, but it's still pretty cool to behold.

Ballerina Is Their Middle Name

They both know how to rock a tutu.

They're Down For Any Fun Activity

Rollerskating and playing mermaid? I'm in.

Birthdays Are Celebrated With Best Friends

Whether it's your cousin or your sister, there's no other way to celebrate turing another year older.

Their Outfits Are Always On Fleek

They live such a glam life.

Halloween Is A Serious Holiday

They don't mess around.

Their Love For Disney Is The Same

It's like they're speaking straight to my heart.

Family Can't Help But Snuggle Them

I don't blame them.

They Take The Same Vacations

I mean, how uncanny is that?

They Both Love Their Dads Immensely

The love is real.

I can only imagine if or what they will have in common as Penelope gets older. But I bet they will remain best friends, just like Kourtney and her mom, Kris Jenner.