Sell Your House For More Money In 2016 With This One Unexpected Decor Hack

Whether you're in the market to sell a home, want to brush up on your real estate know-how for the (even non-foreseeable) future, or just find yourself interested in how property buying works, listen up: here's a helpful trick on how to sell your house for more money. It's an unexpected one, so hold off your judgment until you hear the very real stats behind this real estate hack.

In 2016, it seems the housing trend is "country chic." A new report by real estate database Zillow is showing that home listings that mention features that align with that aesthetic (think: barn doors, rustic kitchen cabinets, farmhouse sinks) actually sell faster and for higher prices than other homes. The important thing to note about this, of course, is that if you want to be able to list your home (and close) with more in your pocket, it may be as simple as investing in a few country-inspired renovations.

Zillow Digs, which is the company's home design/improvement site, looked at listing descriptions from 2.8 million homes that were sold across America between January 2014 and March 2016. They traced certain keywords relating to features and style, and evaluated them to see how they would impact the home's sale price.

What they found was that rustic sliding barn doors (you would put them on bedroom closets or kitchen pantries) topped the list, helping homes to sell 57 days faster than expected, with a 13 percent boost above the expected price. Other terms in top-performing listings included "shaker cabinets," which upped listing prices 9.6 percent and helped homes sell 45 days faster, as well as "farmhouse sink" which helped homes sell 58 days faster, and at 7.9 percent more than expected. The last significant term was "subway tile," moving homes at 63 days faster and at 6.9 percent more money. What does this mean for you? Well, even if you're kind of over the whole Mason jar, country chic thing, you may want to keep those details around if you're looking to sell. It seems the trend might be here to stay. “While people may think the rustic mason jar-vibe is out, it is still very popular with today's buyers,” Zillow said in a release.

While super savvy home-sellers might go out of their way to install or renovate some basic things around the house to make country-chic selling points out of (that is, assuming the current aesthetic vibes with it and it doesn't seem like they're just throwing in a rustic door for the sake of it) if you already have some craftsman, farm-vibes going on, be sure to highlight them when you list for sale.

Images: Unsplash (1, 2)