12 Reasons Why Taylor Vaughan From 'She's All That' Is Actually Pretty Amazing

As someone who’s livelihood is made from watching 1999 teen movies, I can easily say that She’s All That is a strange one... maybe the strangest one. Maybe it’s the whole bet thing, or maybe it’s because Laney looks like a cartoon character, but I can’t be sold on the core relationship. But there is one character in She's All That I always root for: Taylor Vaughan. Seriously, Taylor Vaughan is the best part of She’s All That .

Often forgotten in the legions of teen movie mean girls, Taylor is as cruel as she is visually pleasing. Her determination and bluntness may not go over well with her classmates and the portion of the audience that is, you know, actually rooting for Zack and Laney, but I find it very appealing. Whereas Laney seems to shrivel in the face of potential popularity and shrug off the whole prom queen thing, Taylor basks in it like a beautiful pink angel. And, even if you’re a Taylor hater, you can’t ignore the fact that he choice to dump Zack (good riddance) is the catalyst of this whole damn story.

OK, if you’re still not understanding why Taylor is obviously amazing, allow me to embellish a bit with the following reasons.

1. Because She Understands How The World Works


She knows the life span of high school relationships, although realistically she should've probably waited to dump Zack post prom. Like, that's the go-to move.

2. Because Who Hasn't Left Their High School Boyfriend For Some Second Rate Reality TV Star?

I mean, we've all made that mistake before, right? That Taylor, she's so relatable.

3. Because She Is So Powerful She Has Lil' Kim As A Minion

It's low-key, but yeah, that's totally Lil' Kim in her squad.

4. Because That Drink-Spilling Thing She Did to Laney? So Bold


OK, it's like a weird way to top off her "you're vapor to everyone" speech, but everything proceeding it is unfiltered evil.

5. Because Laney Is The Actual Worst


Always with that chip on her shoulder, always with her pretentious performance art! Please, I live in Hipsterburgpoint Brooklyn and I still can't handle her.

6. Because Zack Is The Actual Worst


Not that Taylor upgraded, but, even after reforming Zack is like, a special breed of douche. You see him smiling at his photo in the hallway (why is that a thing) and it's a no for me. I'm sorry.

7. Because She Actively Cares About What She What She Puts On Her Body

Tattoo aside. All things considered, you would never see Taylor in paint covered overalls, she looks polished and impeccable always.

8. Because She Always Seems Disturbingly Unthreatened

We should all embrace Taylor's confidence and her... strange aggressive energy. Of course, not all of us come from a long line of prom queens and have the reassurance that we're a legacy.

9 Because She Showed Up To The School Dance Looking Like An Oscar Award


Shiny gold gown with gold lipstick?

10. Because Taylor Has Lattes

Laney's crew tries to force their politics into the campaign for prom queen, while Taylor decides to give out caffeinated beverages. There's no question who has my vote.

11. Because She Actually Does Win Prom Queen, And Actually Deserves It


Laney has been tragically frumpy for the last 18 years, whereas Taylor is an institution at this school. It would be absolutely infuriating and sort of illogical if Taylor didn't get the crown, if it got passed over by that one angry girl who looks like an oversized Rugrat. Did I mention Taylor has lattes?

12. Because She Is Irreplaceable... I Mean, At Least As Far As School Status Is Concerned

There is an alternate universe where Taylor is the heroine of this movie. She tries to break free of her jerk jock boyfriend and unwittingly falls for a suave, sophisticated television star (so suave, so sophisticated). After she gets dumped, she has to dial up her confidence and reclaim her title as prom queen when Zack tries to usurp it via an obnoxious art chick.

And Taylor ends up triumphant. Taylor proved to Zack that she isn't some interchangeable pretty face, she is Taylor Vaughan. At the end of the day, she's all that... well, at least until the end of that prom speech. Yikes. Images: Giphy (6); Miramax/YouTube (7)