Prince William Slammed By Morrissey For Hunting Trip In Angry Open Letter

OK, so, rock legend Morrissey has never exactly been what you might call a "happy chappy," but this week he's downright furious. The objects of his wrath? The second-in-line to the British throne, Prince William, and his younger brother Harry. The ex-Smiths singer has posted an open letter to the princes online, criticizing Prince William for taking a hunting trip to Spain with Harry... just before giving a speech pledging his support in the fight against the hunting of endangered species.

Well. The timing does seem a bit awkward.

Writes Morrissey:

Although William's speech (no doubt written by his publicity aides at Clarence House) will concentrate on endangered species, William is too thickwit to realize that animals such as tigers and rhino are only driven to near extinction because people who are precisely like himself and his brother have shot them off the map - all in the name of sport and slaughter.
Whenever you shoot an animal in the head the outcome is usually the same: death. Just why William kills innocent and defenseless deer does not matter – the fact is, he does it, and we must go on and on asking why any form of violence is acceptable to the British establishment.

In the letter, Morrissey also criticizes the British press. The nation's press, according to Morrissey, is "duty-bound" to defend the Royal Family, no matter their actions.

England's Clarence House — the White House of English monarchy — hasn't defended William's actions. Instead, the family spokesman said that the prince's track record in campaigning to end the illegal hunting of rhino horn and elephant tusks spoke for itself.

Somewhat hilariously, Morrissey referred to the royals as the "Boil Family," insisting they were an embarrassment to the United Kingdom.

[T]he rationalists amongst us - who are never allowed to speak, are intelligent enough to realize that endangered species are dying out only because of people like William and Harry, and, for this we can only pray to God that their hunting guns backfire in their faces.

Don't hold back there, Morrissey. Tell us what you really think!

Image: Getty Images