Emily Keener Gets A Standing Ovation On 'The Voice' From Every Single Coach

Things were looking pretty grim for Emily Keener last week when she was not selected by the voters to move on to the Top 12 on The Voice. Luckily for her, Emily's coach Pharrell Williams sees the potential in her and used his power to save her and allow her to continue in the competition. With that said, Emily really had something to prove this week. And, she really came through. Emily Keener got a standing ovation from all four coaches on The Voice this week with her beautiful rendition of the song "Lilac Wine" by Jeff Buckley.

She really blew everyone away and had them all on their feet before her performance was even over. Pharrell wanted "America to see what [he's] been seeing" and that is definitely what happened. Adam Levine told her, "I'm so happy, Emily. I've been wanting that song on the show and I'm so happy that you did it because it was perfect. I don't know if people know that song very well, but they do now because of you." There was no denying that Emily absolutely owned that performance and I would not be shocked if people started to associate that song with her from this point on.

Christina Aguilera said that Emily's rendition of the song was "magical." Christina also pointed out that she was "the first one to stand for that too — before your coach." And, as if that was not enough praise, she added that it was the "best performance of the night so far."

Pharrell called Emily a "beautiful vocalist" and urged America to come through for his singer when he pleaded, "Guys, this is a 17-year-old girl, You have to vote." And, I bet that they will.

There is no way that the viewers will let Emily Keener slip through the cracks after such a stunning performance. It is so clear that she deserves to be here and should move on in the competition.

Image: NBC