Alisan Porter Performs "Stone Cold" By Demi Lovato Cover On 'The Voice' & Kills It

I am not a singer, but I imagine that it is tough to cover someone else's song just because the fans are so used to hearing it a certain way. This is especially true when an up-and-coming singer performs a song that is pretty current and popular. Team Christina member Alisan Porter performed "Stone Cold" by Demi Lovato on The Voice and absolutely killed it. The judges could not help giving her praise. She even got Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams standing on their feet to give her applause.

With her husband and father in the crowd cheering her on, Alisan received the highest compliments from the judges. Adam Levine found the perfect words to evaluate Alisan when he said, "Every year there's always one person who epitomizes all of the things that the show's about. I wish you were on my team." The praise does not get much better than that, but it actually did get even more positive for Alisan when the judges talked about her rendition of the popular song.

Blake Shelton was completely blown away. He asked, "What's there left for you to do? Aren't you bored with being so great? Aren't you bored with being that awesome all the time? Can't you suck sometimes?" Nope, it does not seem like it is actually possible for Alisan Porter to suck. She deserves to stick around in this competition, and she has a legitimate shot at winning the whole thing.

Alisan's coach, Christina Aguilera, was elated with the performance and said that she "cannot wait for the Alisan album." Christina explained what we are all thinking every week when she said, "Before we start the show, you are a highlight" and compared the anticipation of her performances to "waiting for a star to come out at the end of a concert."

She also gushed, "You are everything. You're amazing" and instead of just accepting the love, Alisan was as humble as she could be when she gave credit to her coach by replying with "You helped me grow so much this week. Thank you so much." Christina pretty much cut her off when she said, "You didn't need it."

Alisan is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Christina Aguilera put it best when she declared, "You didn't even have to open your mouth. The energy in the room just changes. Everyone is behind you."

She is so right. There is no way that the voters could not support Alisan after such an amazing performance. She definitely made Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato proud with that one.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC