Hannah Huston Proves She's 'The Voice' Contestant To Beat

I'm sure that Hannah Huston is a great preschool teacher, but I just cannot imagine her being anything other than a singer. The Nebraska native absolutely killed it tonight on The Voice with her rendition of the Etta James classic "Something's Gotta Hold On Me." To say that it was an exciting performance would be the understatement of the century. Hannah Huston proved that she is the one to beat on The Voice.

She had an amazing vocal ability, a unique style, and complete ownership of the stage. There is just no way that she could have ever performed better than she did and the coaches all agreed with me. Adam Levine gave Hannah one of the weirdest compliments of all time when he told her that she should have her own genre of music: "I think there is a new genre of music. I think its alien soul." No one really knew what that meant and he tried to clarify when he said, "It's like not of this earth but it's also rooted in something we know and understand."

I kind of get what he's saying, minus the alien part. The one thing he did say that was super clear which I agree with is, "I love it and I love you. You're awesome." That probably would have sufficed, but the alien stuff added something a little unique to the show, I guess?

Blake Shelton had no idea how to follow Adam's strange, supernatural praise so he just stuck with that signature sarcasm when he talked about her performance: "It's a shame you didn't work the the stage much. I think there's a couple of square inches you did not actually step on there." She really did work that stage better than anyone else.

The woman slayed and no one knew this better than her coach Pharrell who told Hannah, "It's innate. It's in you. You're a natural. You have mountain ranges of notes." And, he spoke to the people from her home state when he declared, "You are from Nebraska and you are like killing it. You are inspiring so many people with your willingness to dream. Everybody from Nebraska, vote for her."

I'm sure that a ton of people, even from states other than Nebraska, will come through to vote for Hannah Huston. I mean how could they not? She is the coolest preschool teacher on the planet.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC