Hannah Huston Sings Aretha Franklin In 'The Voice' Live Playoffs And Proves That She Could Win This Thing

There's talent and then there's Hannah Huston. Team Pharrell's superstar contestant took The Voice Live Playoff's stage by storm with a rockstar performance of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" and proved why she's the one to beat this season. The preschool teacher has sung her way into the hearts of voters everywhere with weekly mic-drop worthy performances and tonight's was no exception. While some contestants have reason to be nervous going into tomorrow's Top 12 reveal show, Huston has nothing to worry about. Her amazing talent is guaranteed to get her far beyond just this season's Top 12.

This season of The Voice is one of the most talented yet, partially thanks to Huston. Though she's only been singing publicly for a few years, you'd never know it. She brings it every single week and never fails to deliver a five-star performance. Both her out-of-this-world talent and charming personality are exactly what she needs to win over America's voters. Once she has them in her back pocket, which she already does, she'll have an easy time advancing in this competition and increasing her chances at winning The Voice title.

While I have noted that Team Christina is the one to beat this season, Huston may be the only one that can actually beat them. Team Christina is stacked with powerful female artists, like Tamar Davis and Alisan Porter, but Huston is just as powerful. These three are sure to battle it out for the top spot every week and will most likely be the final three standing at the end. The competition will only make them better, though. And if Huston continues to get even better, there's no doubt she could take that title. Whether she does or not, though, something tells me that Huston's music career is just getting started.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC