Thomas Ravenel Can't Win Over Patricia On 'Southern Charm,' But He Sure Did Try

If I were to sum up Monday's episode of Southern Charm in one sentence, it would be this: I cannot wait for the flamingo party episode. Now, that's not to say the latest installment of the Bravo series wasn't exciting or fun or dramatic or captivating or beautiful or everything a reality TV-loving gal could hope for. It's just... Patricia throws a flamingo-themed party in a later episode. The theme was inspired by an inflatable pool flamingo. The party planner wore a flamingo-print scarf to their meeting. And there will be, like, 10 million inflatable flamingos involved. Oh, and it's going to be in a book? I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaait.

So when Kathryn told T-Rav she was upset about her non-vitation to the flamingo party, I understood where she was coming from. Do Kathryn and Patricia have the best rapport? Well, no. But this party sounds amazing. I wouldn't want to miss it either. T-Rav didn't like that the mother of his kids was being excluded, so he decided to pay Patricia a visit. He would ask her to reconsider her position regarding the Kathryn non-vitation.

When T-Rav arrived to Patricia's home, he handed her a gift bag to thank her for hosting so many wonderful parties in the past. What was inside? The biggest candle Patricia had ever seen, that's what.

The enormous candle was a nice gesture, but it was not enough to win over Patricia: When T-Rav brought up Kathryn's non-vitation, Patricia said she'd be too much of a liability at the flamingo party. T-Rav countered that Kathryn would be a chill party guest. Patricia wouldn't have it. T-Rav added that the non-vitation was stressing Kathryn out, but Patricia replied that Kathryn should spend less time worrying about parties and more time worrying about taking care of her unborn child.

T-Rav complimented the color of Patricia's eyes, compared her steadfastness to that of Margaret Thatcher, but it was no use. Patricia would not waver. Despite T-Rav's best efforts, Kathryn would not be a part of this:

If your party planner doesn't match their accessories to your theme, find one who will.

Duh. Nothing but the best for Pat Altschul.

Image: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Bravo (2)