14 Ways To Channel 'RHOC' Star Vicki Gunvalson On Your Next Trip

Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Vicki Gunvalson is the only one remaining from the very first season of the franchise. This means that she has been on a ton of Real Housewives trips. If you want to feel like the OG of the OC when you travel, there are some things that you need to do to vacation like Vicki Gunvalson. Aside from having a Vicki-size budget, it really comes down to partying and confrontation during trips away from home. Most of the other ladies are all about their trip wardrobe and expensive accommodations, but Vicki is all about drinking, dancing, and arguing on her vacations. So basically, we can all vacation like Vicki if we really want to since it's more about channeling a fun persona than purchasing material goods.

Vicki has been on a lot of Real Housewives vacations over the years, so the OG has whooped it up in a variety of locations. She has been on some local trips in her home state of California, she has partied it up in some international and tropical locations, and she has flipped out in a cold climate during ski trips. If you want to feel like Vicki Gunvalson during a vacation, here is what you have to do.

1. Announce Your Vacation At Party Beforehand

Make your vacation an even bigger deal than it already is by having an over-the-top announcement of your trip. Complete the task by wearing a themed outfit and you'll be pulling a #TotalVickiMove.

2. Invite Fun People Only

Vicki has never been shy when it comes to scoffing at boring people. If you really want to unleash your inner Vicki, surround yourself with a "Whoop It Up Dream Team" to insure that you have the best time possible.

3. Create A Party Catchphrase & Stick With It

Vicki talking about whooping it up is almost as fun as watching her actually whoop it up. Take your vacation to the next level with a signature phrase, but if you can't come up with your own borrowing Vicki's will suffice.

4. Have More Fun Than Everyone Else

Vicki is all about getting crazy when she's in vacation mode. Be the most fun person in your clique if you want to feel like Vicki on a trip.

5. Dance It Up

Dance hard wherever you are and you'll make Vicki proud during your next trip.

6. Drive A Golf Cart

There's no better way to get around when you're away from home than via golf cart, just ask Vicki Gunvalson.

7. Wear A Big Hat

Shield yourself from the shade — and haters — with a big hat. You can look chic while you throw down during a weekend away with the girls.

8. Excuse Any Of Your Own Questionable Behavior

I'm not saying you should pee yourself, but if you end up having any sort of accident on vacation, you can just say you were channeling Vicki Gunvalson.

9. Cry It All Out

If you can go from zero to 100 on a trip, then you are definitely the Vicki of your squad — especially if you are comfortable letting our all of your emotions.

10. Do Something Adventurous

Sure, Vicki loves to party, but she is also very active on her trips. Get out and do something athletic when you're traveling to have a well-rounded experience.

11. Be In Sync With Your Partner In Crime

The best thing to have on vacation is a best friend to get into trouble with. If you have your BFF with you, then you know you are going to have a great time.

12. Snack Hard

There are no diets on vacation. Eat whatever you want while you take a break from real life. Vicki would do it.

13. Defend Yourself

Unfortunately for Vicki, she has been confronted by friends" on vacations plenty of times. So if anyone ever calls you out while you're trying to have a good time, get your Vicki on and just scream in response. It seems like it would be therapeutic... or something.

14. Go All Out

Above all else, just do the most in every aspect possible if you want to feel like Vicki Gunvalson during a trip. Go out all out with the dancing, partying, eating, and drama and you will feel just like her.

Image: Bravo