When Will Urban Decay x 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' Be At Sephora? You Can Shop It Soon

It's not every day that a company creates makeup whimsical enough to keep up with Tim Burton's creative mind, but, well, here it is. Urban Decay's Alice Through The Looking Glass collection combines wearable colors with larger than life packaging to make for one genius collaboration. The limited edition makeup line has everything you need for a successful trip down the rabbit hole, and you'll even be able to wear the new products to the big screen release. Time to bust out the tea cups and get to celebrating!

With five new lipsticks and a 20-hue eyeshadow palette, the Alice Through The Looking Glass makeup line is so colorful that it could easily be dropped onto the Queen of Hearts' makeup table and fit right in. Whether you're looking for wearability or trying to channel your creative sign, Urban Decay has something for you in this range.

Not only is the makeup absolutely gorgeous, you'll also have plenty of time to experiment with it before the film hits the screen. You can shop the entire collection at Sephora on May 5, which is just four days after the online release. Basically it can be in your hands faster than the Mad Hatter can recite the Jabberwocky poem three times fast.

I never thought I'd need a yellow lipstick in my life, but this collection is making me seriously consider it. Not to mention the packaging. These $18 lipsticks could easily travel with Alice throughout all of Wonderland. If the images are this good, just imagine what the in-store setup will be like for the limited edition line!

Then there's the eyeshadow palette. It honestly doesn't get anymore quirky-cool than this. Plus there are shades for each one of your favorite characters — Alice, Mad Hatter, The Red and White Queen, and Time.

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This palette won't be around for long, so you should probably put down the tea and start making your plans for the May 5 Sephora release.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay