Where Are Joanna & Ana From 'Catfish' Now? They Seem To Be In A Very Positive Place

Season 5 of Catfish has brought plenty of surprise endings, which for this show, means finding out that two people who met on social media were being truthful about their identities online. But what happened to Joanna and Ana after Catfish ? Their episode had a more depressing twist once the team discovered that the complicated love triangle between them and "Bo" was actually between two people all along. After the reveal that there really isn't any "Bo," just her "best friend" Anabel, Joanna was understandably upset. And there was even another complication — Joanna and Ana hooked up while she was still in a relationship with "Bo."

The remainder of the episode was, as usual, devoted to figuring out how Joanna was going to move on from her emotional investment in Bo, who may have been Ana's real friend, but never actually contacted or spoke to Joanna. Emotions were high, initially, and Joanna even got inappropriately upset and hit Ana after the big revelation. Joanna obviously should not have physically attacked anyone, but I can't blame her for being upset — not only did she find out that the woman she was falling in love with wasn't the person she thought, but Ana had a perfect opportunity to come clean and instead chose not to.

According to the end of the episode, Anabel was moving on with a new relationship while Joanna wished that they could have given dating one another a second chance. Since the episode was filmed last year, it looks like both Anabel and Joanna still care about each other but don't keep in contact regularly. Ana's current relationship status is still unclear, since in comments on a photo of her and another woman from her (public) Facebook account, she specifies that they're just friends. Of course, she could be dating someone else who does not appear in her Facebook photos.

But Ana also wrote a few days after the episode aired that she still cares about Joanna and still might be rooting for them to have a "happy ending."

Meanwhile, Joanna is also doing well. She doesn't seem to have a new relationship yet — or if she does, it hasn't been made public on social media. But that doesn't matter, because she's hanging out with friends and continuing to work as an up-and-coming tattoo model. She even got a new tattoo after the episode filmed, a portrait of Elvis Presley.

In several posts, Anabel referred to her relationship with Joanna as a "fairy tale" — and wrote an update right after their episode of Catfish saying that her fairy tale has come true. Whether or not Joanna and Ana are still romantically involved, it's clear that they're in a positive place, which is a pretty great ending in the world of Catfish.

Image: MTV