Will 'Little Women: LA' Return For Season 5? The Cast Has Been Busy Enough To Fill More Episodes

Little Women: LA has become one of my favorite reality shows in the past few years, but its quick production schedule means that the fourth season is already coming to an end. Of course, I'm already wondering if Little Women: LA will return for Season 5 so I can continue watching the cast take major steps in their lives. Since Lifetime has brought the show back for four seasons and three spinoffs in the last two years, Season 5 is already a safe bet — and that's before you include the fourth season's success.

According to ShowBuzzDaily's ratings listings, Little Women: LA Season 4 has mostly brought in higher ratings than Season 3. So if last season's ratings were enough to warrant a renewal, Lifetime should be eager to bring the series back again. And given that aforementioned quick production schedule, a fifth season of Little Women: LA, or perhaps another spinoff like Terra's Little Family, could be here by late summer 2016. Additional seasons of Little Women: Atlanta or Little Women: New York could be on the way as well, if Lifetime decides to bring those spinoffs back.

At first, the idea of a reality series following a group of women who don't have much in common besides the fact that they have dwarfism seemed like it could be patronizing. But as these four seasons have proved, the friends at the center of Little Women: LA make for great TV because they share something else: very strong personalities and more than enough relationship drama to sustain a show. And since Season 4 finished filming, the cast has continued to move forward in their lives in ways that will definitely cause celebration, conflict, and way more squabbling among one another if Little Women: LA returns.


Elena is currently pregnant, but still making time to hang out with her friends in the cast. Don't you want another season to see Elena and Preston staying up all night with their newborn twins? I've never seen Elena without at least two pairs of false eyelashes on, so it'd definitely show a very different side of her.


Actually, you can find out what Terra's been up to on Season 2 of her spinoff, Terra's Little Family. She is also currently expecting a baby. This is the second child for Terra and Joe, and after watching their rocky relationship in the first few seasons of Little Women: LA transform into a successful union after the birth of their first daughter, Penny, it seems that these two really found a groove.


Briana is the third and final member of the Little Women: LA cast who is currently expecting a baby. Of course, in her situation, the bigger question is how her relationship with Matt, her now husband, is going. Right now, the two are still together, although the rest of the cast doesn't seem particularly pleased about that.


Tonya, meanwhile, is maximizing the entire cast's recent appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race with an appearance at DragCon, and she's constantly promoting Little Women with interviews. She's the wisest of them all when it comes to giving advice, and she's the most practical one of all when it comes to getting plenty of work done.


While the rest of the cast has been focused on family, Christy was all about friendship this season. First, when she was hospitalized following a bar fight with Terra. And as Briana's best friend and occasional frenemy, Christy has struggled this season with wanting to support Briana's marriage to Matt, but also voice her concerns. Since then, Christy has been taking inspiration from her costars and also spending time with her family. And the biggest news of all — she's adopted a new puppy.


Brittney has been sharing celebrity selfies from nights out at the club, performing, and hanging out with friends, though she's not frequently pictured alongside her fellow Little Women: LA cast members. Keep an eye on her Instagram for some eye-popping fashion.


Last but not least, there's Jasmine. Honestly, it doesn't seem like she's changed at all. She's still a devoted mom, hairdresser, and, now, reality star. I don't think there's anything that could change that.

So I can't promise Little Women: LA will return, but I absolutely think it should — I mean, with four new babies added to the cast, will the stars be drawn together by new parent bliss, or driven apart by getting way too involved in one another's business? Either way, I'd like to see these ladies back on my TV later this year, and I think there's a good chance I will.

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime