Does Jess' Sex Dream About Nick On 'New Girl' Prove These Two Are Still Meant To Be?

Dreams can be a very telling thing. Not only do they lower your inhibitions, but they also can allow you to admit your true desires without fear of judgement or ridicule. So the fact that Jess had a sex dream about Nick on New Girl is very telling to me. In fact, I'd say it proves more than ever that these two crazy kids are definitely still meant to be, despite what the characters keep trying to tell themselves. I mean, it can't be a coincidence that Jess had this steamy dream right after Sam broached the subject of her meeting his parents. For all we know, this could've been Jess' subconscious trying to tell her something — like the possibility that Sam isn't who she really wants to be with.

However, considering that dreams aren't always that straightforward, it's possible that a dream could be just that — a dream. But out of all the men in her life, her sexual fantasies immediately went to Nick, proving that there's still some residual feelings there. And when Nick found out about this dream (because of course he did), he seemed exceptionally pleased about it, and not just because Winston brought them post-coital scones afterwards. It was almost as if he wants to still be the No. 1 guy in Jess' life.

But once again, the writers are toying with our emotions. By the end of the episode, when Jess still had the child-sized helmet stuck on her head, Nick agreed to break it (even though it was given to him by his deceased dad), so that Jess could go and meet Sam's parents. He told her it was time for him to stop coming in-between them.

But as sweet as that sentiment is, it only helps to prove my point that these two are New Girl's OTP. There is nothing Nick wouldn't do for Jess and vice-versa. So it's only a matter of time before they find their way back to each other and turn those sex dreams into a reality.

Image: Patrick McElhenney/FOX