Tyrion Gives A Warning In The Final 'GoT' Trailer

Things are about to get even more exciting. In their newest promo for Game Of Thrones, which finally airs this Sunday, April 24, HBO gets a little cheeky: "the wait is over," the trailer says, and winter is here. The new 30-second spot is a mix of footage from past trailers and some new shots, including one of the Night's King and one of huge ships being tossed around in the storm that could be captained by the pirate Euron Greyjoy. And this trailer's voiceover is an ominous one from Tyrion Lannister. So what does it mean, and who is he talking to? The latter is unclear, but it's safe to say it means that Tyrion will be more in the forefront of this season than ever before.

The first shot of the trailer pans down over Castle Black, which, as Entertainment Weekly lets us in on, is the very first shot of the Season 6 premiere. Then, there's, of course, someone closing Jon Snow's eyes, as we have seen in just about every teaser and trailer thus far. But Tyrion's voiceover is another warning, as shots in this trailer show that the war is taking darker turns, with White Walkers and other new players in the mix. Tyrion says, "Whoever you are, wherever you go, someone wants to murder you," then asks, "are you afraid?" I, personally, am scared as hell.

The voiceover, coupled with the shots we see of Tyrion in this trailer and the past teasers, seem to point to Tyrion as a new candidate for the Iron Throne. In this newest promo, he stands calmly with Varys as the citizens of Mereen (or a people that look very much like them) run by. We also see Tyrion meet Dany's dragons again: he holds a torch up and comes face to face with one of the fire-breathing babies of Khaleesi.

Tyrion could be talking to himself in the voiceover, which is what I am hoping for, as I want to see him come out of left field and just win this damn thing to restore some order in Westeros. But it's more likely that he's talking to someone else that needs to be convinced. In the Red Band trailer released at the end of March, we heard Tyrion say: "You're in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying," while panning over a shot of Sansa Stark. Tyrion and Sansa have an understanding, and we know that Sansa is hell-bent on revenge against the Boltons for what they did to her and her family. Could Tyrion and Sansa meet again, with her asking for help to seek the Iron Throne herself? We've seen Sansa grow so much in six seasons that it's possible that she could be the next Stark to throw her hat in the ring.

Tyrion could also be talking to Daenerys, assuming he finds her, or Drogon brings Khaleesi back to Mereen. But could the queen be so defeated that the half-man has to convince her again of her fierce purpose, which hasn't wavered in all her efforts in the first four seasons? Tyrion asks, "Are you afraid?," which doesn't really seem like a question you need to ask the fearless Mother of Dragons.

But Daenerys' determination could be waning. She has faced a series of difficulties and failures in her quest to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and, in Season 6, she is being held captive by the Dothraki. In this new trailer, we see her being herded along in the huge crowd, getting whipped violently by a Dothraki soldier on a horse as she walks along. Could she need some convincing from Tyrion that she shouldn't be afraid of death? He could be warning her that even if and when she does ascend the Iron Throne, people will still be hungry for her blood.

Whoever Tyrion Lannister is counseling, it's clear that Tyrion, after a long journey to reach Daenerys, could shepherd the next King, or hopefully, Queen, onto the Iron Throne. He has the power of wit and strategy on his side in winning the great and terrifying game come Season 6.

Image: HBO (2)