Ben & Jerry's BRRR-itos Return April 20 For A Limited Time, Because No One Can Resist An Ice Cream Burrito

In the evolution of ice cream novelties disguised as other less ice-creamy foods, we have seen the ice cream cake, the ice cream sandwich, and even the ice cream pizza. And now, returning for its second year, we have the Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito ice cream burrito. Starting on April 20, or 4/20 for those of you who appreciate irony, and for a limited time, ice cream nuts will be able to get their hands on this oblong crepe-wrapped, chocolate-drizzled double-scoop. And, if you do happen to make it to your local scoop shop on 4/20, make sure to bring your buds — if you buy two BRRR-itos, your third BRRR-ito is free.

Ben & Jerry are really looking out for your sanity too, as you can combine your favorite flavors to optimize your BRRR-ito filling rather than settling on just one. I personally think it would be amazing to go 50/50 with Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Dough and Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, but feel free to get creative. After a drizzle of chocolate and a dash of cookie crumbles, your dessert will be swaddled in a chewy waffle wrap, and then? You are ready for prime time!

When all is said and done, your burrito ice cream concoction is going to look a little something like this:

So grab your two favorite hippies and head on down to your local scoop shop for three BRRR-itos for the price of two. Even if you don't light up over 4/20, it's hard to say no to free ice cream.

Image: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's