The Promposal Memes Poking Fun At Americans On Twitter Are Too Good To Resist

There are many things Americans have absolutely no chill about, and prom is high among them — which is why this meme making fun of promposals is as hilarious as it is cringe-worthy. In case you've been offline for the past, uh, month, you probably didn't realize that it was, in fact, prom season. This means a few things: a lot of teenagers are picking out taffeta-incorporated dresses, freaking out about after prom, and waiting for their significant others (or like, random humans) to stage engagement-like proposals to ask them to the dance.

While many people think the trend is super cute (and that's totally fine, you do you), people overseas specifically have begun to raise an eyebrow at how ridiculous these things can get. You've likely seen a few promposals on social media now and again — it usually involves some corny pop culture reference ("I've got a blank space at prom baby, will you write your name?"), a lot of weirdly emotional teenagers and a big poster that begs the question itself.

Here to forever put us in our places, humans outside of the U.S. have begun making a meme that begins with the phrase: "Americans be like..." and then features basically some elaborate, over-the-top setup just to ask someone out to the movies. Whether they're making fun of us for being tacky, overly-emotional or just downright weird, I suppose we can't exactly disagree on every front (at the very least, we can see how insane this could look from the outside). And uh, not to mention, we're basically the only people who do this. Check out some of the jokes below (and feel totally humbled about your nationality, you probably needed this, you're welcome).

You wanna go to McDonald's?

There is no event to basic or ordinary for us to be excessively tacky about.

Walk me to our next class together?

While we're all cool with admitting that it's amazing to see young people being chivalrous and kind to one another, there is totally a line, and uh, it's getting crossed. Every day.

Can I have your number?

Is the saddest part about this the fact that being chivalrous like this probably does warrant such a celebration? Are we as horrendously classless as we are over-the-top dramatic? (Do not answer that. None of you answer that.)

Follow me on Twitter?

In her defense a strong Twitter following is a good networking tool, so...

Pass me the salt?

This is one of the more extreme ones we've seen so far, but you know, we get it, we get it... we need to take it down a few notches.

Will you come outside with me please?

Well... will you?

Images: Pixabay