In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival, Who Would Each Stars Hollow Resident Want Rory To End Up With?

Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls is pretty much the most popular gal in Stars Hollow. Who else in this entire universe would get an entire town to throw them a graduation party before they went off to work for Obama? Not many — but Rory did. Given how involved the residents of Stars Hollow are in Rory's life, it goes without saying that they also love to get involved in her romantic life. Remember when Luke and Lorelai broke up and everyone chose a pink ribbon or blue ribbon to devote which side they were on? It's similar when it comes to Rory. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the same sort of behavior goes down in the revival in regards to Rory's love life, because yeah, they love Lorelai, but the whole town helped raise Rory so her future significant other is way more important to them. So, with all three of Rory's exes coming back into her life in the Gilmore Girls revival, I gotta wonder, Wwho would Stars Hollow residents choose for Rory?

Now unfortunately, I don't have a mole in the Warner Brothers lots (yet!) to clue me in on what's going down in revival town, but I think can make some educated guesses on who the various members of Stars Hollow will choose. They've always made their opinions very well known, so it's not too hard to surmise.

1. Lorelai Gilmore — Team Somebody Else


The first Stars Hollow resident with a big opinion is Lorelai. Though Rory is an adult now and Lorelai would hopefully give her daughter space — she's still going to have her own feelings on the matter. The protective Mama has seen all the devastation these boys have wrought on Rory and I'm thinking she'd want Rory to restart her search with some new meat.

2. Luke Danes — Team Jess


Back in the day, Luke was always not-so-secretly hoping that Rory would straighten out his bad boy nephew. Now, of course, Jess has grown up a lot and is no longer the rambunctious teen he once was, so he's finally good enough for Rory — but, according to Milo Ventimiglia's comments at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Portland in February, "Jess is up to Jess sh*t. He's Jess." So maybe he's more adult-like, but could still stand to gain from Rory's more sweet and trusting nature — which is something Luke would be looking for.

3. Lane Kim — Team Dean


Lane had the most contact with Dean, as they went to high school together. She was also always playing third wheel to Dean and Rory, and Dean did a pretty good job of being a pal to her. I'm going to say the nostalgic side of Lane that wants Rory to never leave Stars Hollow would choose Dean.

4. Kirk — Team Logan

Recently, the actor who plays Kirk, Sean Gunn, posted a photo of himself standing with Milo Ventimiglia, with the caption, "I just told him I'm Team Logan." So, we all know what team he's on.

5. Sookie — Team Dean


Dean is a hard worker who's helped out a lot at the inn, which likely gives him Sookie points. She also got the most excited about him compared to Jess and Logan, because he was Rory's first love. Like with Lane, I'd guess the nostalgic side of Sookie would want Rory to end up with Dean.

6. Taylor Doose — Team Dean

Taylor would probably have some loyalty to his old employee, Dean. Also, Rory and Dean being in town together would mean more minions for whatever insane town event Doose has dreamed up.

7. Ms. Patty — Team Logan

I'm thinking Ms. Patty has too much bad blood with the boys of Stars Hollow to even think of letting them get back with her Rory. Also, I think she would want Rory to see more of the world before she makes a decision/settles down, and who better to do that with than Logan, the guy who can afford to literally travel anywhere at the drop of a hat?

8. Michel — Team Logan

Michel probably hates all three options equally. But Michel also appreciates the finer things in life, and Logan often plays host to many of these things.

9. Babette — Team Jess

Babette has her own oddball in a leather jacket, and he's worked out perfectly for her — so it stands to reason Babette would be all about that life for Rory.

10. The Guys Of Hep Alien — Team Jess

WillingToBeLucky on YouTube

I'm thinking the guys will completely go against Lane's choice (Dean) and go for their own choice, just to keep the spirit of healthy competition in the band. They'll go for Jess over Logan because let's face it, he's the most hip of the options.

11. Jackson — Team Dean


Jackson and Sookie disagree on a lot of things: the quality of produce, him actually getting a vasectomy, what to do with a turkey on Thanksgiving — but I have a feeling that on the Dean question, they'll be a united front (that is if they're still together... please!) After all, Jess is too much of a punk, and Logan is too bougie.

With the incredibly close vibe of this town, there's no doubt that, like all of fans out here, all of Stars Hollow have planted themselves firmly in a camp. My only hope is that they up their game from ribbons this time.

No matter what goes down, though, only time (and hopefully more spoilers) will tell us who Rory sticks with.

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