These Are The Best Cities For Coffee Lovers

by Jessica Learish

A lot of us rely on coffee to keep our lives going, and some people have a scholarly appreciation for the dark roasted bean that is usually reserved for wine. But, as you might expect, not all cities are created equal when it comes to caffeine. SmartAsset compiled data on cafés, coffee shops, and roasting facilities to determine the best cities for coffee lovers in the U.S., so if you're looking to relocate, or just want to know which cities have the most coffee shops and how your hometown stacks up, grab a cup of joe and check out the numbers for yourself.

The rankings were determined by creating a grading system for the coffee value proposition of cities across the country. SmartAsset analyzed the total number of coffee shops in different cities, coffee shops per 100,000 residents, number of highly rated coffee shops on Yelp, average cappuccino price, Google search volume, and the number of roasting facilities in each location. Then, that data was boiled down into a single coffee index, with the top scoring city rated at 100.

That city is, somewhat unsurprisingly, Seattle, the birthplace of coffee giants Starbucks and Tully's. The weather in Seattle is almost always perfect for a nice warm latte, and you can basically always get your hands on coffee in Seattle since it's ranked second (to San Francisco) as far as coffee shop density.

You might be surprised to learn that, despite its over 8,600 coffee shops and 12 roasting facilities, New York City didn't even crack the top 15 cities which include dark horse locales like Honolulu, Hawaii and San Diego, California. Check out the SmartAsset graphic below to see where your city falls.

Of course, even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all, so even if your city didn't make the list, chances are you know exactly where to go to get your daily caffeine fix. Still, if you're looking for a truly glorious java experience, now you know where to start planning your next vacation. You're welcome, coffee lovers. You're welcome.

Images: Javier Pardina/Stocksy; SmartAsset