The Most Coffee-Obsessed Cities In the U.S.

If you were to take a guess at which city in the U.S. is the most obsessed with coffee, what would you say? Seattle, perhaps? Well, apparently you’d be wrong — it’s all the way on the other side of the country. According to this infographic of the 10 most and least coffee-obsessed cities in the country, from, Portland, Maine takes the prize for the city most fixated on java.

ILoveCoffee’s Ryoko Iwata created the map seen below using data from Men’s Health, who recently ranked 100 cities in the U.S. based on how preoccupied with coffee they are. The ranking took into account the percentage of households that own coffeemakers and buy coffee, the average household budget allotted for coffee, the number of coffee shops per capita, the percentage of people who drink coffee, and the percentage of people who drink five or more cups of coffee a day (way to reap those health benefits, people who drink five cups a day!). Not going to lie — I’m a little surprised by some of the results. Interestingly, New York, Denver, and a number of other cities we think totally earn their coffee bragging rights didn’t make the top 10, whereas a bunch of cities you don’t normally associate with amazing coffee did. Pretty much all of the bottom 10 cities, however, are in the South; maybe they’re too busy drinking sweet tea down there to make time for a cup joe. Or something.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be kind of interested to see how that neat-o little map of each city’s favorite Starbucks drink interacts with this one. Portland, ME unfortunately has no data on the Most Popular ‘Bucks Drink map; Portland, OR does, though, so it seems that the most popular Starbucks drink in the fourth most coffee-obsessed city in America is the eggnog latte. Number eight (San Francisco) digs soy lattes, while number nine (Seattle) loves their espresso.

Where does your city fall? Do you live in the land of the coffee-obsessed? Or could your town care less about how it’s taking it’s caffeine? See the full list here!

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