Fans Reacting To Jennifer Aniston's Most Beautiful 'People' Cover Is The Most Beautiful Thing

I'm not really one for beauty pageants, as my deep seated love for the satirical film Miss Congeniality would tell you. But I do enjoy celebrating someone's beauty without contest or critique. So, when I found out that Jennifer Aniston was named People's "Most Beautiful Woman," I was especially jazzed about it. Because I am a long time fan of Aniston, I think she is quite beautiful, both inside and out, but mostly, I am all for championing a 47-year-old woman clinching this title.

Why? Because age has no bearing on beauty, but, as Hollywood would usually have you believe, women stop being desirable somewhere around the age of 35. Which is, for lack of a better term, utter bullsh*t. But that's OK. While some people on social media may have been salty and quite frankly just down right mean about the choice, there were just as many fans who were pumped for her and excited about the fact that she's getting the recognition they think she so rightly deserves. Side note: Is there a "Most Amazing Hair" award? Because I've been wanting to give that to her for eons.

Here are how fans (not the haters, who needs them?) responded to Jennifer Aniston's Most Beautiful Woman title:

Most People Just Vehemently Agreed With People's Decision

I concur.

Or, Think She's Killin' It

Love the enthusiasm.

Some Sought To Defend Or Sympathize With The Actor

See? Not everyone on the internet is awful.

This Person Was Almost At A Loss For Words

Poor dude. Sit down. Take a breather. It's all good.

Some Tweeters Hilariously Shouted Out Aveeno

Advertising works (especially when Aniston is your spokesperson/model).

Some Think She's Total #Goals

Probable members of the Jennifer Aniston Fan Club.

Others Thought This Whole "Most Beautiful Woman" Thing Went Without Saying

True, but I don't think there's anything wrong with this affirmation, personally.

But, Most Of All, This Person Just Gets It

This deserves a standing ovation.

Fan consensus on Aniston being the, "Most Beautiful Woman?" Something along the lines of, "YAS QUEEN!"