Nick Viall Should Join 'The Bachelorette' Again

Over the past 11 seasons, The Bachelorette has given fans a great many things, but none have been greater than the gift of Nick Viall. If you're saying, "what?!", I get it — a lot of people have mixed feelings about him, and some even hate him. I, too, was pretty disappointed with the way he confronted Andi Dorfman on After The Final Rose, but it seems like he's learned from the experience and has become a better person in the process. Unfortunately, though, it sounds like his time in Bachelor Nation is up. In March, Nick tweeted that he's done with the show, but I think he should change his mind. Nick needs to return to The Bachelorette Season 12, and there are so many reasons why ABC should convince him to come back.

Don't get me wrong — I totally understand why Nick wouldn't want to make a return. It's not like looking for love on the show has been successful for him, and it has to suck to be rejected on national television twice. But after seeing him fall in love with two women and end up heartbroken, the world needs to see Nick find the right person and live happily ever after... or at least I do.

I really, really want to see Nick on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, and here's why.

1. The Show Has To Stir Things Up Somehow

The Bachelor has now been around for 20 seasons, and this will be Season 12 of The Bachelorette. For a show that's run for such a long time, ABC needs to keep things fresh somehow, and bringing Nick on is a proven way of keeping people interested.

2. Now, It's Tradition

Is Nick really going to break a two-year streak? It wouldn't be The Bachelorette without him at this point!

3. He's Cute & I Want To Look At Him

I have a feeling I am not alone in this reason. Have you seen his Instagram lately? I'll let his photos do the convincing.

4. JoJo Is Totally His Type

All season long on The Bachelor, I felt like Ben Higgins liked JoJo so much because she was pretty similar to Kaitlyn Bristowe. I feel like, in the real world, they're so alike that they'd be close friends. Not only is JoJo gorgeous, but she has a good sense of humor and she keeps things real, just like Nick. Is it just me, or would she and Nick make an awesome couple?

5. He Makes Great Television

Hell hath no fury like a Bachelorette contestant who sees Nick walk into a room... and it creates the best drama. And if we're all being honest here, we aren't watching the show for the love story — we're watching for the fights and the emotion, and Nick has a way of raising the stakes that only he is capable of.

Nick, if you're reading this, please reconsider — we all need you back on our TVs, ASAP.

Images: Giphy (2), yahooentertainment/Tumblr, usweekly/Tumblr