13 Amazing Gifs Of Caleb's Hair On 'PLL'

by Rosie Narasaki

There are a lot of reasons to love the teen soap dramarama of PLL, and Caleb Rivers (as played by Tyler Blackburn) is most definitely one of them. He's one half of the show's greatest 'ships, and I think we can all agree: Pretty Little Liars ' Caleb has amazing hair. It's a thing of beauty in all its forms; be it the long-haired shaggy days of Season 1, the chin-length days of Season 3, or the post-Ravenswood chop that's carried us all the way through the current Season 6 time jump era.

Caleb's definitely gone through quite the hair transformation over the course of his years on the show — as Blackburn himself told TVLine, when he first was cast on the show his hair was "down to [his] nips," and it's gotten progressively shorter — until he unveiled his brand new chop in 2014. Of the change, Blackburn explained that the haircut was in part a way of visually symbolizing his character's experience in Ravenswood, which certainly adds an interesting layer to the makeover.

That said, it doesn't really matter if Caleb's hair is long or short — because you'd be hard-pressed to find photographic evidence of him looking anything less than ridiculously fabulous. So, with all that in mind, let's treat ourselves to 13 gifs of Caleb and his hair, looking as heart-stoppingly attractive as ever.

1. That Time He Accidentally Showered with Hanna

Shower Caleb is quite possibly the best Caleb.

2. That Time He Leaned All Casually By The Lockers

Look at his hair, swinging casually in the hallway breeze.

3. That Time He Walked with Emily

Seriously, their combined hair game might just be too much to handle.

4. That Time He Comforted Hanna

Look how pillow-y his hair looks.

5. That Time He Smirked

This .gif requires no caption.

6. That Time He Fought With Zack

In a town full of lying murderers, Zack still ranks as one of the literal worst, and all the props in the world to Caleb for treating him as such.

7. That Time He Was A Cowboy

See? The hair even works with an oversized Stetson!

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8. That Time He Shushed Hanna

Let's make this the official petition to include Tyler Blackburn in the PLL opening credits.

9. That Time He Rocked the Scruff

Scruff + New Haircut = DEAD.

10. That Time He Was an Elf

He and Hanna are wearing those elf outfits surprisingly well.

11 - 13. All Those Times He and Hanna Kissed

Of course Hanna understands the true tactile nature of Caleb's hair.