All The Ways Caleb's Haircut Changed Him On 'PLL'

Amidst all of the Charles hubbub last season, I think we lost sight of the most important thing to happen on Pretty Little Liars: Caleb Rivers' haircut. It may have nothing to do with A, but after four seasons of watching Hanna run her hands through his luxurious locks, it came as a bit of a shock when he returned from Ravenswood with a whole new 'do. Now don't get us wrong, we were definitely feeling that look (and frankly, he could've been totally bald and we still would've been thrilled to see him back in Rosewood), but it took a few episodes to really get used to the idea of a short-haired Caleb. And looking back, that wasn't the only thing that changed about Hanna's love.

While Caleb has always been sexy, caring, protective, and all-around swoon-worthy, he's gone through a lot over the past five seasons, and it's lead to some changes in his character. From the way he protects Hanna to his go-to outfit, we've seen Rosewood's hottest hacker evolve, and somehow become even more appealing with every variation. In fact, I think we can officially split Pretty Little Liars into three eras, BC, LHC, and SHC: Before Caleb, Long-Hair Caleb, and Short-Hair Caleb. Obviously, none of us want to remember PLL BC, so let's focus on the other two. Here's how Caleb changed when he shed that long, flowing hair, as explained by a venn diagram.

While every fan surely has their own favorite Caleb look, I think we can all agree that every single has one been fantastic. And as long as those qualities in the middle stay the same, we're on board for whatever PLL does with Caleb next.

Images: ABC Family (2); Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle