Why Is Beyonce's HBO Special Called 'Lemonade'? Here Are Some Totally Solid Guesses

No matter how involved you may be with Beyoncé, you are aware that the Beyhive lost their collective minds last week when their queen decided to hit us with a teaser trailer for something called Lemonade. That's right — Yoncé's up to something, and we won't know for sure what that is until Saturday night. Though HBO has released no official news about what the ultra-enigmatic trailer could be about, we have no doubt that it is a "world premiere event." Now that we're all officially confused, why should we have to wait until Saturday to guess why Beyoncé's HBO special is called Lemonade? Update: During the special, near the end of the broadcast, Beyoncé revealed the answer. A woman was quoted as saying, "I was served lemons, but I made lemonade." Apparently, this resonated enough with her to name a special after it.

Earlier: Yoncé has never been one to be obtuse when it comes to titling her products. Her last album was simply called Beyoncé because it's the most perfect name in the universe, and therefore fitting for the most perfect album this world has ever seen. Her newest workout line is entitled "Ivy Park," which is also easy to decipher ("Ivy" as in "Blue Ivy," "Park" as in a light suggestion of where you're supposed to wear the clothes, including but not limited to an actual Park, or perhaps just the swanky part of that street). So, that being said, it shouldn't be that hard to guess why she chose the name of her newest, uh, project?

The Facts

Last week, Beyoncé posted a teaser trailer to her Instagram, in which she cryptically whispers things like "what am I gonna do now?" and wears the dopest yellow Cavalli dress this world has ever seen. TBH, it's really kind of an unnerving piece of media, so naturally it raises some questions. So, I've put into motion some ideas about what this so-called Lemonade could possibly be.

A Celebration Of Citrus

Perhaps you've heard of Beyoncé's affinity for the Master Cleanse. For those who have remained blissfully uninitiated into this ritualistic aspect of Ms. Knowles' life, allow me to explain: There's this thing she drinks that somehow incorporates maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemons into a drink, and just like that, you can allegedly lose 10 pounds. Though it's hardly exciting to think that this may be just one long infomercial for the Master Cleanse, it would make sense.

Promotion For Blue's First Enterprise

With parents like Jay and Bey, there's no reason to sleep on success until you're out of kindergarten. Blue Ivy is probably starting up her own super-version of your neighborhood lemonade stand, and all of the intense cinematography featured in the trailer is just the hook. I can see it now: Blue Ivy's Blue Raspberryade. Someone patent that, stat.

A Line Of Food-Based Couture

Maybe I'm just hungry, but I could totally seeing this being a lead-up to Beyonce's line of food-inspired clothing wear. It could act as a counter to the activewear line, and be for the more culinarily inclined/lazy set. She already has a corner on hot sauce in her bag — why not make it a bag made of hot sauce? I can see things opening up for Red Lobster-style bibs, as well as wearing just giant tablecloths with "swagu" emblazoned across it. Just a thought.

It's A Metaphor For The Illuminati

She tried to throw us with the last song saying that we were corny for knowing that she's involved with the Illuminati, but really, what is "lemonade" but a signal for the underground network? Think about it: It's a metaphor for the thirst to conquer the world. Simple. Brilliant. I'll drink to that.

Of course, there's no way of knowing for sure what Beyoncé's Lemonade really is until the HBO special premieres Saturday, April 23, at 9 p.m. ET. But hey, I'd say these are pretty solid guesses, right?