Is 'Lemonade' Beyonce's New Album? At This Point, It Actually Seems Likely

When Beyoncé gives you lemons (in the form of not releasing an album for, like, two and a half years) make Lemonade. At least, that's what she's doing. On Saturday, the Queen posted a teaser video on her Instagram for the "world premiere event" of Lemonade: a special that will air on HBO April 23. But... that's the only information we were given about it, for now. Of course, the speculations will begin to pour in as the Beyhive wonders — understandably — is Lemonade actually the premiere of Beyoncé's new album?

As those who are tuned into Beyoncé's every move know, The World Formation tour is kicking off on April 27, but there hasn't been an official release date announced for Bey's sixth album. You would expect Bey to release an album, and then head out on tour to promote it, right? Nope. That's not how this Queen runs her castle. Instead, any details regarding an upcoming album have been seriously kept under wraps. Beyoncé has not confirmed or denied the rumors that something will drop this year, but with the release of "Formation," her Super Bowl performance, a world tour, and now this, I mean come on. An album has to be happening soon right? It only seems fair to wonder if Lemonade is the one we've all been (im)patiently waiting years to hold in our hands/hearts forever.

The short teaser — tantalizing as it might be — doesn't give us too much of an answer. There is one parallel we can draw from the clip to Bey's latest single "Formation" though, and that's the style of her hair and outfit. Perhaps it points to something important — like, that "Formation" kicked Bey's latest musical endeavor off, but that Lemonade will see it all the way through? Check out the clip below.

HBO on YouTube

There's also the fact that, in February, THE BEYHIVE claimed to have received news that an "album movie" was on its way, along with an alternate music video for "Formation." Is it possible that's what Lemonade is?

Of course, there's also the possibility that Lemonade is just another music video for a single off the — at this point, mythicized — album. We won't know until April 23, but damn if Beyoncé isn't good at keeping us all on our toes.

Now, let's get in Formation and wait for Lemonade to premiere already.