"Organic Balance: Real Morning Report" Commercial Show What Most Women's Mornings Are REALLY Like & It's All Hilariously True — VIDEO

Do you ever find yourself watching commercials aimed at women and just think, "Who actually lives like the women in these commercials?!" Well, you are not alone, and now in fact a new commercial from Organic Balance, "Real Morning Report," shows just how ridiculous most ads aimed at women are. Because I don't know anyone who serenely does yoga in the morning in their tastefully decorated modern loft, and odds are, neither do you.

Women in the modern world are under a lot of pressure to "have it all" and be absolutely perfect while doing so, and a lot of that pressure comes from the media we consume — which, of course, includes advertising. Oftentimes, commercials play on that ideal, showing us women whose lives are perfectly together, who wake up sunny and rested, whose kitchens never get dirty, whose clothes never get stained, who eat healthy meals three times a day, and who never seem stressed or overwhelmed. The trouble is, that basically describes... exactly no one I know who doesn't live in a commercial.

Women's lives are messy. Also, our apartments are messy. Our eating habits are often not ideal. Our clothes get stains. Our jobs are stressful. We're human, and we're all just doing the best we can.

So to help you feel a little bit better about yourself and your morning, here are a few things that Organic Balance would like you to know about women and what our mornings actually look like.

1. 57 Percent Of Women Are Awake Before Dawn

I'm guessing roughly zero percent are happy about it.

2. 33 Percent Of Professional Women Check Their Work Email Before Getting Out Of Bed


3. 33 Percent Also Never Make Their Bed

I wonder if it's the same 33 percent?

4. Only 16 Percent Of Women Would Describe Their Morning As #Blessed

And honestly, the other 84 percent of us want to know who those magical beings are.

5. 58 Percent Of Women Will Swear At Someone Or Something On A Given Morning

Now that sounds about right.

Find out even more that you have common with your fellow women every morning in the commercial below.

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