9 Reasons London Fashion Week Will Be Cooler Than NYFW

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New York Fashion Week may be about power and empire-building, but London Fashion Week is known for its chill attitude — much like the city itself. Thanks to London’s fashion scene, we get to follow greats like Vivienne Westwood, Alexa Chung, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss (can’t get much cooler than KM).

London has been counted as a fashion capital for ages, but often it lives in the shadow of Paris and New York; this year, Global Language Monitor kicked London down to number three on its annual list of most stylish cities after a two-year run at the top spot. But I'm sure trendy Londoners didn't get their knickers in a twist. To some, London may not seem most stylish, but must-see shows from top designers, exciting collaborations, and a little digital strategy will keep it the city cool built. Here are nine reasons why London Fashion Week may be even more fun than what you just saw go down in New York. Cheers!

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