9 Lines from Love Songs & Romantic Movies That Are Horrifyingly Creepy

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You're on the Internet, so you well know today is Valentine's Day. If you're in one of those "relationships" you probably woke up to heart-shaped pancakes and mimosas in bed delivered by little cherubin cupid butlers or whatever it is that happens to people "in love" on "Valentine's Day." (I have no idea what actually happens to people in healthy relationships on Feb. 14 because I myself have never been one of those people. So these are just my assumptions).

If you're flying solo today and the only romance you're getting is that cute card your mom sent or some heart-shaped doughnuts a co-worker brought in... and if you're most certainly hitting Happy Hour come 5 o'clock... I'm with you, sister.

No matter what your plans, though, you will most certainly be bombarded with all things rosey and lovey dovey. But tread lightly dear lovers, some famous romantic films and love songs are rife with crazy. RIFE, I SAY!

In fact, out of context, these 9 lyrics and quotes are anything but Valentine's Day appropriate. Enjoy.

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