Karlie Kloss Makes TIME 100 Most Influential List

Congrats, or perhaps "kongrats," to Karlie Kloss, who was named to the 2016 TIME 100 Most Influential List. While it's tempting to simply label her as "model Karlie Kloss" or "Karlie Kloss, charter member of Taylor Swift's infamous squad," Kloss was named to this list based on other merits. Yes, she is stunning. Yes, she wears those couture clothes well when she struts down the runway. But Kloss is so much more than just another pretty face. Her appointment to this list is likely the result of two very critical things, one of which may surprise you.

First, Kloss is a midwestern girl done good. She has steadily built her career as a model without embarking on that wild and somewhat cliche celeb lifestyle that goes along with being young, beautiful, rich, and famous. Second, she demonstrates that models can have more depth than their chosen careers would suggest. She launched her "Kode With Karlie" scholarship program, which encourages young girls to pursue computer science in school. Kloss herself is dedicated to learning how to code. It's impressive.

Clearly, Kloss was selected to the TIME 100 Most Influential list for her beauty and her brains. But just because she is using her fame to support other females in pursuing academic disciplines, there is no shame in the fact that she was selected because she is a model.


Kloss is drop-dead gorgeous. There is nothing wrong with someone in the fashion world being included this list partly because of that job. Clothes are a billion dollar business. We all need them. Some people put more thought and expend more energy on the process of getting dressed every day and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just extra cool that Kloss is reminding females that it's acceptable and amazing to pursue computer science, too! We live in a digital world, so it's important to study subjects that will help us further navigate those waters.

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Kloss is also continuing to feed her brain and to further educate herself when she is off the clock and not on a runway. Modeling careers can have an expiration date and Kloss is already thinking about her future and about doing other important things with her life.

She's a total package of awesome. But the fact that a beautiful model is pursuing brainy endeavors and motivating others to do the same is why I think she was chosen for the TIME 100 Most Influential List of 2016.

Congrats again to Karlie Kloss on this cool honor that she can add to her resume!

K. Kloss remains a total source of inspo.

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