Jaclyn Hill's Makeup Line Has A Launch Date

by May Sofi

After her Champagne Pop highlighter collaboration with Becca Cosmetics skyrocketed to popularity, YouTuber and makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill, was officially on everyone's radar. Since then, the Florida-based blogger has developed a cult-like following, reaching beauty mogul status that has got fans turning to her for advice on all things makeup. When she announced that she is working on her very own makeup collection, fans nearly lost their minds from excitement, so I'm sure the question now on everyone's mind is — when is Jaclyn Hill's makeup line coming out?

It has been almost a year since news broke of Hill's impending makeup line, and since then there haven't been many updates — until now. The 25-year-old took to Twitter recently to answer some of her fans' burning questions. On April 20, she tweeted "For all of the inquiring minds.. Yes, I am in LA working on my own cosmetic line. It's been 2 years & I'm very nervous about it still." Two years?! She must have something major in the works. She tweeted again just moments later, saying, "It's going to be an early 2017 launch. Trust me, I'm ridiculously anxious about this. You will be helping me with names very soon." It sounds like she will be taking a page from Kylie Jenner's book and crowd sourcing for product names. That gives you at least eight months to prepare, beauty junkies.

If this line is two years in the making you know it's going to be quite extensive.

And the countdown begins!

I'm hoping there are some vampy lippies in the collection. Dark lipsticks are perfect for a winter launch date.

Being the queen of highlighters that she is, I'll bet her signature line will have tons of awesome highlighters.

What I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for, though, is a killer eyeshadow palette with a myriad of stunning colors, just like this one.