The Best Things About Getting Catalogs In The Mail

Before social media and online shopping, company catalogs helped us find the things we most coveted. You know, those physical booklets that basically acted as a brand's "New Arrivals" website section, except in hard copy form? The truth is, it's difficult to remember what life was like before the internet, but if you grew up in the '90s and the early '00s, then you probably have a faint glimmer of it in your memory. With that being said, Victoria's Secret is reportedly ending its print catalogs, and I officially feel really old. It's basically the end of an era. The end of what's left of the pre-technology era for good.

As a tween-aged girl growing up in the early '00s, I remember the thrill of coming home from school to a brand new catalog full of goodies that I'd end up begging my mom to buy me. Sure, I may have been a little too young to window shop in Victoria's Secret's print pages, but that doesn't mean they weren't scattered around my house, or that I didn't browse through them from time to time.

Whether it was flipping though the cool new mid-rise jeans at Delia*s, or checking out the latest sparkly tights at Limited Too, these are the best parts of getting catalogs in the early '00s.

1. Circling The Items You Want

You can't do that on the internet.

2. Seeing The Newest Pieces For The First Time

Before online shopping, we had to wait until our monthly catalogs came in the mail to check out the newest collections.

3. The Editorial Backdrops

What will the world be without Victoria's Secret paradise-like swim catalog?!

4. The Holiday Specials

I don't know about you, but the Victoria's Secret Christmas catalog is one of my all-time favorites.

5. Sharing It With Your BFF

Catalog shopping was made that much better by sharing our picks with our BFFs.

6. The Beauty Inspiration

Sure, catalogs were mostly about the clothes, but they also gave us major hairstyle inspiration.

7. Seeing Your Favorite Supermodels

You know you grew up in the early '00s if you idolized Tyra Banks and the rest of the Victoria's Secret angels.

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8. The Dreamy Hunks

As a teen, this was my personal favorite.

9. The Coupons

Exclusive catalog coupons were totally the best part.

10. Growing Your Collection

I still have some old-school catalogs from the '90s, and breaking them out now is truly a blast from the past.

11. The Physical Experience

It's the smell of the paper, the glossy texture touching your fingertips as you turn the pages, and the weight of a tangible object that makes getting a catalog a complete experience. Clicking on a computer just doesn't compare.

Oh catalogs, how we miss you!