This Bar Offers Women An Emergency Plan For Getting Out Of A Bad Tinder Date

New York eateries offer some of the best sassy streetside chalk art in existence, but it was a UK bar that offered to rescue women from bad dates via a stealthy sign hung up in the women's restroom. There's clearly a market for emergency date rescue, as the myriad of apps and complexly-planned friend-signaling codes designed for it imply.

If you find yourself at St Albans' The Brickyard in Hertfordshire, England, however, the bartenders cheerfully have your back. A sign was placed in its women's restroom by the owners, offering help if patrons find themselves on dates where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

The sign reads:

Tinder Date Gone Wrong?

Doesn't look like his picture, or just plain weird?

If you're on a bad date and it's not going well, come to the bar and ask for Rachelle or Jennifer and we'll get you out of it and/or get you a taxi.

Your safety and happiness is our highest priority.

If anyone is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable please tell us. We will discreetly move them away, and if necessary, ask them to leave.

the Brickyard is safe and fun, we want you to enjoy your time here. Talk to us and we'll sort it out :)

A photo of the sign went viral on Imgur, and the bar's staff was genuinely surprised by the attention — and they confirmed the sign was real! They explained in a statement to Metro UK that the idea came from a general concern for the safety of its female patrons, and that the bar was planning to install a similarly discreet escape plan for men.

According to the statement:

A sign that was designed purely for the safety of our female customers has caught the eyes of thousands (all genders!) and you have all touched our hearts with your support, so thank you for this. In all honesty, we had no idea our sign would attract this level of attention but in light of the extent of the feedback received we have plans in place already to launch a similar safety campaign for men.

Next, can their please be an app or a bartender who can intervene when men interrupt dates between two women to flirt with one or both of them?

Image: Zarya Maxim/Fotolia