Scott Walker Mourns Prince In A Surprisingly Sweet Way

Prince was one of those musicians who had universal appeal. People from all walks of life loved him, so it's no wonder there's been an outpouring of social media mourning after Prince's death at the age of 57 was announced on Thursday. It turns out that his litany of adoring fans even includes at least one Republican governor. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker mourned Prince's death in a tweet, quoting lyrics from Prince's famous song "Let's Go Crazy" and posting a photo from the song's single release, which was a part of the live concert video titled "Prince and the Revolution."

The conservative Wisconsin governor tweeted:

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today. To get through this thing called life...

There's no question those lyrics in particular resonate after the death of an iconic musician like Prince, who touched the hearts of so many people through his work, from the populace to politicians.

Though he stayed away from partisan politics, admitting that he didn't vote, Prince was an ardent activist. Just last year, he released "Baltimore" to honor Freddie Gray and raise awareness of police brutality. He has clearly moved people, including political leaders, with his music. The rest of "Let's Go Crazy" is just as sobering and heart-wrenching: "'Cause in this life, things are much harder than in the after world."

Walker isn't the only politician who was a Prince fan. Last year, President Obama invited Prince and Stevie Wonder to the White House for a private party (an enviable presidential perk). Political scion Chelsea Clinton tweeted to mourn Prince too, quoting a tweet by Katy Perry and thanking Prince for his music.

And of course, politicians from his home state of Minnesota rallied together in their grief. Prince was born in Minnesota and based his recording studio, Paisley Park, there. Like Walker, Sen. Amy Klobuchar tweeted lyrics from "Let's Go Crazy." Rep. Erik Paulsen, Sen. Al Franken, and Rep. Tom Emmer joined in an emotional show of solidarity. Rep. Keith Ellison couldn't limit his sorrow to only 140 characters, and released a full statement on Twitter to express it.

Perhaps the most moving tribute by politicians is shown in this photo by a Twin Cities PBS reporter. In it, numerous Minnesota lawmakers are shown pausing their day for a moment of silence with their heads bowed. Their sentiment echoes those of Prince fans everywhere who feel the need for a moment of silence to grieve the passing of a musical great.