11 Comprehensive 'Pretty Little Liars' Theories That Lead to A's True Identity

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Oh boy, was last week's noir themed Pretty Little Liars episode a real trip. The episode — which took place in a Spencer's Adderrall-fueled fugue state — had the liars chasing down clues about Ezra (well, except for Aria, who was too busy making out with him) while finally catching up to Ali, who had taken up a job as a dancer in a sleazy 1940's bar. When we finally returned to modern-day Rosewood, Spencer realizes that Ezra changed the words in Alison's diaries to make the clues that they found useless. Luckily for smartypants Spencer, she made copies of the unedited journal pages, and is now one step ahead of Ezra and whomever he is working with. This week, the girls finally confront Aria about Ezra's involvement with Alison — and we're at the edge of our seats waiting to see what will happen next. Is Ezra A? Is Mona still evil?

Though Ezra is definitely top of the A-suspect list, there are a ton of other shady individuals lurking around Rosewood. Is Ezra a distraction for the other people out to get the liars? Is Ezra's involvement with Alison not what it appears to be? Does Mona have the liars best intentions at heart after their post-fire bonding sesh?

Fans online are abuzz with theories about what's really going down on the ABC Family soap. Here are the biggest, wildest theories fans have come up.

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