Where To Buy Jeanne Damas' Clothing Line

You can't think cool fashion IT girl without having Jeanne Damas pop into your head. She's practically mastered the "I woke up like this" look, and now, Jeanne Damas is launching her own clothing line, called Rouje, and it's everything we've always dreamed of having in our wardrobes. So essentially, my Pinterest "dream wardrobe" board is about to fill up. Fast.

If you're not familiar with Damas, do yourself a favor and find her on Instagram like now. A model, designer, and past blogger, Damas lives and breathes fashion, and she does so with ease. Scroll through her feed and you'll find her rocking cool-girl t-shirts, sexy fitted dresses, and to-die for shoes. Essentially, she's completely mastered chic French girl style, and if I could pick one person's closet to completely raid, it would probably be hers.

Damas is an absolute babe, and a successful one at that. Just last year, she collaborated with Reformation on an insanely cool collection, inspired by "The seventies! A woman during her holidays in the South of France," she told W Magazine. If that doesn't scream fashion eye candy to you, I don't know what will.

And now, her own line, Rouje, launched just yesterday, and is chock full of floral dresses, classic denim, easy and breezy blouses, and chic t-shirts. It's an effortless sense of style — One that completely mirrors Damas' own.

If you're down for a splurge, check out some of her amazing pieces below. You can order them all online, and they ship worldwide!

1. This Beautiful Jacket

Rouje Mona Jacket, $328, Rouje

This pop of red is everything.

2. These Perfect Trousers

Rouje Pantalon Juliette, $153, Rouje

A classic like this one will never go out of style.

3. This Too-Cool Tee

Rouje Jeanne T-Shirt, $55, Rouje

So simple, yet so good.

4. A Classic Blazer

Rouje Veste Eugenie, $215, Rouje

Pair with a dress or your favorite denim — Either way, you'll stun.

5. This Gorgeous Dress

Rouje Robe Soko, $181, Rouje

Your new favorite LBD.

6. This Flawless Blouse

Rouje Blouse Pascal, $102, Rouje

I mean really, can you get chicer than this?

7. The Perfect Denim

Rouje Jean Sabina, $141, Rouje

Love the loose fit on this one.

8. This Bandana Style Dress

Rouje Robe Laura, $175, Rouje

Like you're vacationing all summer long.

9. This Silky Blouse

Rouje Chemise Adeline, $147, Rouje

Just the perfect pop of color you need.

10. The Everyday Dress

Rouje Robe Annie, $153, Rouje

With these tie up espadrilles, this look is everything.

BRB — I'm just counting and putting together all my pennies to buy this entire collection. I'm fairly certain I've died and landed in chic heaven, and I'm so into it. Count on Damas to nail completely nail her first collection.