5 Ways To Know You're In A Relationship

The start of a relationship can make you ask yourself a lot of questions. For example, am I actually in a relationship? Are we just ~hanging out~ or is this a thing? There are a lot of moments in any ~more than friends~ situation that can help you tell if you're actually in a relationship. For one, you could just, like, discuss it with your partner. But if you are feeling shy because you're unsure about whether it is the right time to bring up the topic of commitment or exclusivity, there are some signs to look out for that can potentially ease your nerves; these little-but-important signs essentially reveal that you are pretty much already in a relationship. So go ahead and confirm it fearlessly.

The moments that help prove that you're in a relationship with someone, not just casually dating the person, are all examples of heavier involvement in each others lives. Are your partner's friends becoming your friends, and vice versa? Do you find yourself easily describing them to others as someone who is more than a friend? Have you been asked to leave belongings at their place to make impromptu sleepovers less of a hassle? Congratulations, and get ready to change that Facebook status to "In a relationship," girl.

So how can you tell?

1. You've Had A Mature Conversation

Let's start with the most obvious and important sign, which isn't really a sign at all, but more of an actual conversation. If you're in a relationship, that means you've engaged in a mature conversation in which you and your partner have defined said relationship. With this kind of confirmation, you can stop trying to obsessively read into inconsequential nuances from your interactions to figure out where you stand. Why put yourself through this for longer than you need? If you've been spending a lot of time with each other for a long time, and things are feeling good, then have "the talk" about what you are and what you want to be. PS, if you aren't comfortable having this conversation with your partner, that may speak to a bigger issue. An inability to communicate is demonstrative of unhealthy dynamics — you and the person you've been seeing may not be ready for a relationship anyway.

2. You Stop Hesitantly Referring To Them As Your "Friend"

Have you ever struggled introducing your partner to your friends because you don't know what title to use? When talking about this special someone to friends and strangers, do you refer to them as "friend" because you are uncertain of the relationship status? Or perhaps you're still uncomfortable with the idea of a relationship? Whatever may have been causing your confusion or fear of commitment, when you find yourself naturally referring to your them as your boo, then you very well may have reached a new level in your relationship.

3. Your Friends Are Becoming Friends

If your shared friends aren't already increasing, they at least know all about your boo and are probably anxious to meet your special person. Likewise, when you meet your partner's friends, they'll let you know how much they've heard about you. This symbolizes the importance that you have in each others lives; why else would it be so necessary for people you both hold in high esteem to be aware of your time together?

4.. You Purposefully Leave Things At Each Other's Places

Has your partner asked you to leave things at their place so that sleepovers will be more convenient and comfortable for you? Things like toothbrushes, clothes, face wash, etc.? This is not only an obvious sign that they want you around as often as possible, but that they want their space to feel like home to you. It's also good practice for eventually moving in together...

5. You've Expressed How Much You Care

If y'all have stated that you're in love, then something special is definitely happening.

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