19 Reactions To Rihanna Fur Slides On Twitter

When fans, customers, or shoppers want a place to go to vent their frustration or express their joy regarding retail therapy, they don't aways voice their feelings to the customer service department. Instead, they often take to social media to make a point. When Rihanna's Puma Fur Slides went on sale, fans turned up, furiously trying to shop the shoes. They also resorted to impassioned tweets to either convey their happiness over successfully making a purchase or to get the red out due to their inability to cop a pair of these fuzzy shower shoes. Other fashion types were also offering their opinion on the footwear as soon as photos and on-sale dates were released.

The Rihanna Puma Fur Slides, which are the singer's third shoe following the sold-out Creepers and the fashion-forward trainers, went on sale online and in stores at 10 a.m. The glam footwear, which comes in a black, white, and a shell shade that looks pink in some lighting and nude in others, are priced at $80 a pop. Some fans managed to snag the shoes. Others didn't.

Of course, the RiRi Navy and stylish athleisure lovers made a mad dash to shop and nearly broke the Internet trying to scoop up a pair of the shoes that RiRi designed "with comfort and style in mind, having to travel extensively as part of her busy lifestyle," per the press release.

Observe the colors.

Let's look at Twitter reactions to the shoes before they went on sale. Here are some of the advance, anticipatory tweets and opinions about the look of the shoe.

This was a realistic prediction.

The Rihanna x Puma Fur Slides inspire no shame here, either.

Awesome shoes lead to an extreme reaction such as this.

Even though I prefer the Creeper, no arguments here.

Like Justin Timberlake, yo!

Travel is stressful and you definitely need maximum comfort. The RiRi slides provide the comfort and the style. That's what makes them so awesome.

OK, so this was funny.

I can't disagree here. You need to have a pedi and keep toes in tip-top shape when wearing these. It's time to start thinking about what polish color you want to pair with the slides.

Now, how about the shopping reactions when the shoes went on sale?

Pretty much.

Sigh. Feel the pain.

The disappointment is real.

So many shoppers.


Invoke that higher power.

We knew these shoes wouldn't be easy get.

That didn't take long...

This is a common scenario. You get them in your cart and...

Sadly, this isn't surprising.

RiRi has another shoe hit on her hands.