Get Shinier & Softer Hair With These 8 Bedtime Rituals

When you wake up to a good hair day, it's pretty much the equivalent to waking up on a Friday. Not only is your hair giving you a thumbs up from every reflective window you pass, but less time spent taming unruly hair means more time to sleep in — and that's the ultimate goal, always (am I right?). That makes getting shinier and softer hair while you sleep pretty much the dream, but believe it or not, perpetually waking up to good hair days isn't actually the mystery it seems to be.

Your hair could be lacking shine and sleekness for a multitude of reasons: heat damage from styling tools, a lack of hydration and moisture, and simply being in a frizz-inducing climate to name a few. But a few tweaks to your bedtime ritual could have you waking up to luminous, softer hair in no time. Consider what your current method is: a shower, some shampoo, and perhaps a little conditioning, if there's time (and there never is). Not only can a few purposeful changes to your shower routine drastically transform hair during those hours of restorative sleep, but working a few unfamiliar (but seriously effective) ingredients into your after-shower haircare ritual can be all it takes. Ahead, eight different ways you can wake up to shinier, softer, and ultimately more manageable hair. Be prepared to stop yourself in front of many more shiny shop windows.

If Damage Prevents Shine, Reinvigorate Hair With Silk Amino Acids

Silk18 Natural Conditioner, $12, Amazon

If you regularly style your hair with hot tools, you might have noticed some damaged ends and dulled luster. Take action, and start working a new shine shield into your before-bed shower. This formula is packed with 18 different amino acids, naturally derived straight from silk itself. Why does that matter? Amino acids assist with hair growth, which you'll want on deck, if you're consistently inhibiting growth with a flat iron. This conditioner also has jojoba and argan oil to replenish lost moisture, while botanical keratin ensures your hair stays frizz-free. Its light aroma comes form natural vanilla, and everything is 100 percent sulfate-free. Just apply a little to the areas of your hair that always meet your hot tools face-first (steering clear of your roots) — and work a little into dried-out tips.

If Hair Lacks Luster, Try Leave-In Keratin Treatment

Caju Leave-In Keratin Hair Mask, $22, Amazon

When your own evening hair care routine has you waking up to lackluster hair, try a weekly leave-in conditioner formulated to make hair look and feel healthier and more manageable. This keratin treatment can be applied to damp ends, and its formula gets right to work sealing in moisture. Wheat germ, carrot seed, and avocado oil also protect hair's elasticity — smoothing out texture to eliminate fly-aways. One reviewer said, "Using this conditioner for the very first time it transformed my hair. My hair was so silky and smooth."

No Time for Leave-In Treatment? Try Hydrolyzed Silk Spray

Kenra Shine Spray, $15, Amazon

If grabbing a little extra shine is more of a last-minute issue in the morning for you, no worries: Hydrolyzed silk spray can create an instant glossy sheen right when you want it. This formula also contains sunflower seed extract, which keeps hair from becoming brittle and breaking when you run a brush through it. Users say the spray is fine, adding the shine they desire the unwanted greasy feeling later. One fan said, "Can't live without this daily product — my hair is silky, shiny and manageable — even in New Orleans humidity!"

An Overnight Argan Oil Mask Can Replenish Dehydrated Hair

InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask, $13, Amazon

Never tried sleeping in a hair mask? Fans of this one, which is packed with argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and even vitamin B5, say it transforms hair from straw to silk. One reviewer said, "[Hair] not only felt softer, but it was less frizzy and stronger. I was really impressed with the results, and this was only after one time!" The mask can help hair feel smoother, look shinier, and even be less prone to tangles and breakage.

When Hair Is Dried Out, Seal In Shine With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Care, $15, Amazon

Coconut oil is another excellent deep conditioning treatment for dulled hair lacking shine because it helps reduce protein loss (this one even has essential oils like bergamot, ylang ylang, and patchouli). You can use one to two teaspoons on damp hair before bed, comb through, and let it saturate follicles for hydration felt deep at the root. Let it sit a few hours under a towel, then wash it out. Because coconut oil also retains moisture, it applies this same property to your hair — creating smoother, sleeker hair that's not as susceptible to breakage. One fan said, "...with this Coconut Oil Care Conditioner, [my hair] was bouncy, soft, and not at all staticky. I am seriously impressed as I don't think I've ever had a hair treatment work so well to address my dry hair."

For Thirsty Hair, Overnight Botanical Mix Mask Replenishes Moisture

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask, $26, Amazon

This 100 percent vegan, super-nourishing hair mask is packed with the overnight solutions to reclaiming shine and moisture — castor oil, argan oil, and olive oil come together to restore hair's natural luster while you sleep. Lavender oil leaves a pleasant and calming aroma behind, while essential oils (like ylang ylang and geranium) add their own benefits of sebum regulation and balancing out your hair's pH levels. One pleased user said, "This stuff makes my hair so soft and silky. It also smells awesome."

Fight Shine-Blurring Frizz With Specialized Anti-Humidity Formula

Living Proof Leave-In Conditioner , $14, Amazon

It's hard to tell how luminous your hair is when all that humidity sends hair skyward. This leave-in treatment, though, is created with Living Proof's patented 'healthy hair molecule,' which is a silicone/oil alternative created to fight back against humidity. It's sulfate-free, and it even repels dirt and oil from your hair, so you can get into the habit of washing less frequently. One reviewer, who said they have thin, wavy hair, said it left their hair shiny and even added definition to curls.

Boar Bristles Distribute Natural Oils for Luminous Shine

Boar Bristle Hair Brush , $19, Amazon

Switching out your old hair brush for one outfitted with boar bristles could be all it takes to get the shine you want overnight. By pulling this brush's boar bristles through hair before bed (and again in the morning), you'll be able to evenly distribute the oils your scalp already produces for more shine throughout your hair. This brush also has nylon bristles, though, which stimulate the scalp and easily detangle knots for more manageable hair the next day. Users say the brush leaves hair feeling silky smooth, and one said, "Due to my hair's confused nature, it gets frizzy and tangled very easily. This brush is gentle yet effective for brushing my hair and leaves it soft and shiny!"

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