Kanye West’s Impassioned Rant In The Middle Of Concert Is His Best Ever — VIDEO

I really want to go to a Kanye West concert. It's partially because I like his music and partially because I feel like it would easily be the most entertaining concert of my life. For instance, Kanye West went on one of his famous rants at his concert in University Park, Penn. Thursday night. This could happen at any Kanye West concert, but these people lucked out! This particular rant was about radio DJs Charlemagne Tha God and Sway. (Yes, that Sway, who has been on MTV since you were ten.) Both Charlemagne and Sway interviewed West in November 2013 and neither went over very well. West got upset at Sway when he asked about his forays into fashion design and in the interview with Charlemagne, the DJ called West "narcissistic" and "egotistical." West handled the Charlemagne interview very well when he was on the air, but he let it all out during the moment of passion at his recent concert.

A video recording from the concert shows West playing "Touch The Sky" from his 2005 album Late Registration. Suddenly he says, "Stop that shit. Stop that shit. This is what the fuck I'm talking about. Ten years of this shit." West is no doubt referring to the fact that his first album, College Dropout, had its ten year anniversary earlier this week. West goes on to scream to the crowd that he's been working on music for them to listen to for ten years, "thinking 'bout Shakespeare, thinking 'bout Beethoven." At one point he exclaims, "I am Yeezus," naturally, and then calls out Sway and Charlemagne specifically when he talks about the media making him into a joke. "Shut the fuck up," he says, "What the fuck did you do?" This part kind of made me scared to write about him, because what the fuck I did was write about Kimye's wedding plans on a regular basis. Hopefully I'm in the clear.

One of the best parts of this is West briefly launching into "Can't Tell Me Nothing" which is both appropriate for the subject and a total adrenaline rush for the crowd. West ends saying, "So that was a brief intermission. Now we can continue with the show" which is really the best way to end an impassioned, unplanned, middle-of-freakin'-concert rant. Best Kanye rant thus far? I think it just might be.

Image: Getty Images