Where Should You Get Married, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Some say that love is written in the stars, and if that’s true, maybe your perfect wedding venue is up there too! The most difficult part of getting married isn’t saying "yes" to the proposal or “I do” to the vows, it is everything that comes in-between. Planning a wedding can be a complicated process, filled with decisions, deadlines, and drama — a bride needs all the help she can get!

Once you become engaged there are two very important questions to discuss: where do you want to get married and when? The answer to these questions will influence all the other details to come, including what kind of dress you’ll wear to the type of flowers that will decorate the tables. And there are so many option for where you can host a wedding these days — people get married almost anywhere. If you don't know exactly what you want (beyond signing the requisite papers), then your Zodiac sign may be able to help. Astrology isn't a proven science, but it may reveal something unexpected about your personality and help you zero in on what is important. When planning a wedding you spend so much time trying to make everyone else happy, you have to make sure not to forget the most important person — yourself.

Here are suggestions of unique venues that align with your star sign, so you can stop stressing and plan the perfect wedding:


Highly intellectual and thoughtful Aquarius is known for being shy, but that doesn't mean that they don't enjoy a good party. Aquarius brides should look for an interesting space that reflects their intellectual prowess and their love of learning such as a library, bookstore, or museum. An Aquarius will feel right at home perusing the spines of great novels while they toast their nuptials. In New York City alone you can get married at bookstores like the Strand, Housing Works or at The Public Library. “Intellectual stimulation is by far the greatest aphrodisiac for Aquarius,” says Astrology-Zodiac-Sign, so play into that on your special day.

Since Aquarius is deeply rooted in community service and giving back, find a way to tie that into your wedding. I’m not saying you have to spend your honeymoon building schools in Ecuador, but make a donation as a wedding gift, or pick a venue where your funds go to support a cause.

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Passionate lovers and incorrigible romantics, a garden or greenhouse will make the perfect setting for a dreamy Pisces wedding. Choose a date in spring or summer when the flowers are in bloom — bonus points if the garden is near a pond or lake for this sensitive water sign which is represented by two fish swimming in opposing directions.

Pisces are also known for their artistic abilities, and are deeply connected to music. Make sure you have a on-point live band or a DJ that rocks to get the most fun out of the reception. Pisces are also generous and loyal to their friends and family, so you can expect a lot of very touching toasts — bring tissues!


A chill, low-key wedding is not for you oh-so-adventurous Aries. You excel in competition and feel most alive when taking on a leadership role, and do not shrink away from a challenge. Planning an exciting wedding should be no problem if you pick a venue that is sure to be memorable. A destination wedding on a ranch, with horseback riding and bonfires or in the Redwoods with ample opportunity for beautiful hikes are two perfect options for the Aries bride. Have your ceremony at sunset, while bright colors streak across the sky — after all, red is the favorite color of this fire sign.


As a tactile Taurus, you love good food, good drinks, and all the sensual pleasures this earth has to offer. Hosting your wedding at a winery estate or vineyard is the perfect match for your champagne tastes and caviar dreams. The gorgeous views of the vines and rolling hills and the best wine you can drink will reenforce your ties to nature... now if only there was a hot tub nearby.

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To make quick-witted Gemini happy, they should pick a venue that matches their cosmopolitan nature, one with a view of a city skyline most likely. The wedding will most likely be a grand affair, since your effervescent personality has drawn plenty of people to you over the years. A central location is key, and a ballroom of a hotel or an open loft space will accommodate your large party. It is likely that you will spend most of your wedding catching up with old friends, and making sure that everyone is having a good time, so you will want to be able to easily flit from person to person. Decorate the room with bright joyous colors such as green and yellow, those are a Gemini's favorite.


Getting married is especially exciting for a Cancer, because their tight-knit family circle is expanding. The emotional Cancer may feel vulnerable or overwhelmed by planning such an important event, so it is best to keep everything simple and easy. The best venue choice (and most affordable) for a Cancer is to host their nuptials at their childhood home. Those born under the Cancer sign will want their nearest and dearest surrounding them, and it will be extra special if it is at a place where there are already so many happy memories.


Since Leos love the finer things in life, consider having a destination wedding at a tropical resort. The resort's event planner will help create the perfect celebration to match your "queen of the jungle" personality. Fun-loving Leos will enjoy turning their marriage into an extra vacation for friends and family — with all the comforts and luxuries as part of the package! Sun-worshipping Leo will also love the opportunity to say their vows on the beach under the clear blue sky. Close friends and family, and a few piña coladas, will surely melt away any residual wedding nerves.


Practical and detail-oriented Virgos tend to be more conservative, so unlike the Leo, raging in Cancún ain't their style. An idyllic barn wedding, complete with strings of lights and mason jar cocktails, may be perfection for the Virgo couple. People born under this earth sign love nature and animals, and hosting a wedding surrounded by pastoral beauty will give the Virgo bride the grounded and calm feeling that they desire. Just make sure everything is planned to a T and well in advance — Virgos need to feel organized, especially on such an important day.

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Libra brides may seem wishy-washy or indecisive when it comes to planning their wedding, because this sign is very careful to weigh all their options. Deciding on a venue will not be an easy choice for a Libra, who wants to be fair to all their guests. Libras need to put themselves first, and pick a venue that speaks to their love of art and beautiful things. An art gallery or performance space with old-world charm would fit their aesthetic well.


The resourceful Scorpio most likely has fond memories of summer camp. Scorpios make best friends easily — they are brave and lead the charge for adventure. At camp the Scorpio bride may have excelled by swimming the farthest, or starring in camp play. Choosing to have your wedding at a summer camp, will give you the opportunity to relive some of those special childhood memories. When the ceremony is over, you and your guests can take the canoes out on the lake or roast marshmallows over a bonfire.


When researching venues, the extrovert Sagittarius bride will love anything out of the ordinary. A hotel ballroom will underwhelm the classic Sag; they need something that reflects their adventurous spirit, boundless curiosity, and quirky sense of humor. This fire sign loves new and unusual places so try a zoo, a theater, or an amusement park to give your wedding a unique vibe. Sagittarius brides can also look into traveling to exotic places for their wedding, but it may be best to save that for the honeymoon so you don't have to limit your guest list.


The goal and success oriented Capricorn will most likely want their wedding to be impressive. A venue like a fancy country club, that can also serve as a symbol of status, might be perfectly suited to their tastes. They also may enjoy having their wedding at a location that is symbolic of their intellectual ascent, such as their college campus' chapel or their University's clubhouse. I don't think the White House is rentable for weddings, but who knows — you're a Capricorn, after all.

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